Harvard Students Demanding End of Genocide in Gaza

Maybe stop killing babies and bombing hospitals, you Jew psychos!

Are you not afraid someone is going to do something?  

New York Post:

The Harvard group behind the controversial letter that blamed Israel for Hamas’ bloody terrorist attack held a “die-in” Wednesday to protest “genocide in Gaza.”

Members of Harvard’s “Palestine Solidarity Committee” and “Graduates 4 Palestine” organizations held the protest, where hundreds of students laid down in a courtyard outside several dorm buildings in the “Old Yard” section of campus.

The pro-Palestinian protesters laid out on the grass, some using jackets as pillows and others holding up signs that read “Hold Harvard Accountable for Supporting Genocide,” “No Justice No Peace,” and “Ceasefire Now.”

The group announced the protest on Tuesday after claiming Israel was responsible for a hospital explosion in Gaza City that left hundreds dead.

Israel just bombed al-Ahli hospital and medical center in Gaza where hundreds of Gazans were receiving medical treatment and seeking shelter,” the announcement on Instagram said.

I don’t usually support the Harvards, but in this case, I’m supporting the Harvards.

I support anyone who is against the Jews, just like I support anyone who is against women.

The Harvards have my backing, 100%.

We have to stop these Jews.