High Schooler Apologizes for Spreading Christianity at Graduation Ceremony

They call him “The Kentucky High Schooler,” as if there is only one.

It’s really weird to have a typo like that as the first word in an article.

Are unions preventing these journalists from being replaced with AI, or what? I can’t really understand why we still have human journalists.

At the very least, I would think the individual journalists would be using AI and just lying about it. I would do that if the shit wasn’t censored. I mean, I would just list off the jokes then copy-paste the news article. The AI will never be able to write jokes as good as mine. But in terms of just putting together sentences, it is a whole lot better than really any journalist working in the current year.

New York Post:

The Kentucky high schooler has been forced to apologize for speaking about his faith and praising Jesus at graduation in order to get his diploma after furious school administrators withheld it.

Micah Price received his diploma from Campbell County High School on Wednesday – five days after the now-infamous ceremony where the teen told his peers that Jesus “is the way,” WXIX reported.

He told followers that he was “in the wrong here, technically.”

School officials said that Price would have to defend himself before the school board before he received his diploma after he deviated from his pre-approved speech.

He encouraged those who publicly slammed school officials over the issue to “please take a chill pill.”

I am in the wrong, technically, because I went against Campbell County code, the rules,” Price added. “The principals are just doing their job.”

It’s gay he apologized, but the thing had already been done. Everyone heard the truth.

I’m sure his boomer parents were telling him to apologize because “you need that diploma for your future” – as if Jesus wouldn’t protect him for doing the right thing.

You have to believe Jesus will take care of you if you do the right thing, or it is impossible to live a normal human life.

But Still

It’s pretty awesome that the kids are going back to Jesus.

It’s actually max awesome.

It’s so great that the people pushing against it are all boomers and shitbag millennials who are universally looked at as fat losers.

Jesus is the way, you millennial/boomer freaks.

Get over it.

Just imagine for a second that boomers made it illegal to talk about Jesus at your high school graduation.

Like, what a bizarre act.

Imagine if Thailand banned talking about Buddha at high school graduation, or Saudi Arabia banned talking about Islam.

How is America a “free country”?