Hoholistan Says They Briefly Invaded Crimea on a Small Motorboat and Then Quickly Escaped


Here’s another weird thing.


Ukraine’s navy and military intelligence carried out a “special operation” overnight in which units landed on Russian-occupied Crimea, the defence ministry’s Main Directorate of Intelligence (HUR) said on Thursday.

The operation, which Reuters was unable to independently confirm, would amount to a rare demonstration that Ukrainian forces are able to stage ground operations in Crimea, which Russia seized and annexed in 2014.

No one has confirmed it.

But even if it is real, what does it prove?

Brief and dark video footage posted alongside the statement showed a small motorboat moving through water at night near a coastline. HUR said the landing point was on the western tip of Crimea, near the settlements of Olenivka and Mayak.

“Special units on watercraft landed on the shore in the area of the Olenivka and Mayak settlements,” HUR said in a statement.

It said “all goals” had been achieved and casualties inflicted on the enemy, but did not identify the goals.

I guess this is some kind of advertisement for their supposed ability to invade Crimea?

A small motorboat can be driven anywhere by anyone. I could have done this myself. It doesn’t prove anything.

The fact that they are acting like it proves something demonstrated the desperation.

It’s bizarre.