I’m Not Actually on Twitter Yet

I’ve declared victory against the Jews, Aryan Victory for my leader and KING Ye. However, I’ve not actually made a new account yet. Just to be clear.

For one, I want to wait and see if old accounts are going to be unbanned. I would obviously prefer to have my old account back. But I can also understand that unraveling which accounts were banned for “hate speech” and which were banned for spam or something legitimate would be complicated, and the banned will likely be asked to make new accounts. I’m sure most of my followers from that account have new accounts anyway, I would just like to have “joined in 2011” in my bio.

More importantly, I assume the old moderation is going to be at least partially active for a few days. Elon fired that stupid fat Paki bitch.

But most of the moderation was done out of her home country of India. I don’t want to make a new account and then have it banned before the systems have changed, as this would make Elon look bad and be generally demoralizing.

Elon has said that he’s going to follow my advice and allow people who are very sensitive to use an “adult parental controls” system to hide content that “triggers” them. (Just to be clear, this was my idea, someone can find the articles where I said this.)

I’m sure he has a plan on how that will work, but it will take a few days to get it running.

Just so you understand, the original concept of mass censorship was that people who disagreed with the liberal/globalist/Jewish consensus were causing emotional trauma to believers in that consensus, and it was therefore necessary to censor people who disagree with the government/media in order to prevent followers of the government from having emotional breakdowns or killing themselves. This was what was originally meant by the slogan “hate speech causes real world harm.” Now we think of it as meaning that people are going to see words on the internet and commit acts of violence, but back in 2017, they were claiming it was about the emotional trauma of people reading the text.

My plan to solve this alleged problem was to create a color system, and tag different accounts from green to red based on how much they violate liberal dogma. Obviously, red would be people who say “nigger,” “faggot,” “kike,” “vaxie,” and so on, orange people who don’t say slurs but hold the same basic worldview of people who say slurs, yellow the basic MAGA Trump voter, and green people who agree with the government or at least don’t question it. A government believer can then set their account to whichever level they think they can view without having an emotional breakdown and/or committing suicide from the trauma of seeing people disagree with the government/media. (Someone who set it to green would get the Twitter experience that existed before Elon purchased the site.)

It’s something that would be very simple to implement, which is why I kept writing these explanations of how to do it. I wanted to show how retarded the ADL argument for censorship was, given that it could very easily be solved in a way that was much cheaper for the company than completely destroying their own user-base. I didn’t really imagine someone would actually implement it, but here we are.

Basically, there just needs to be an AI learning system that labels people’s tweets and then puts them in these categories. Obviously, tagging people who say slurs is very straightforward, and tagging people who support Trump is easy – creating the orange category in between is more subtle, but if a few orange people end up in yellow or red, that’s not the end of the world. (By the way, I don’t know if Elon is using this exact three-tier system, but I would assume he is, given that not only have I outlined it for years now, but it’s also just very obvious. A two-tiered system of red and yellow plus the sanitized green would be fine also.)

Frankly, although it is funny to just go on there today and start spamming “NIGGER,” I don’t really think that’s productive. Elon is doing this for the people, so we should respect him and give him some breathing room (even though he’s not technically asking for it).

Personally, I am not going to spam “NIGGER.” (At least that’s the plan right now, but I should note that I do drink alcohol.) I would prefer to not be in the orange category, if possible, because I assume that aside from being on the “safe space” lists, these users will also be downranked in various other ways, in the way that porn is currently downranked on Twitter (basically, you have to go looking for it). That’s how I would do it. I’ve often complained that Gab didn’t do something like this, and instead made it so whenever you log in you just see nothing but racial slurs, which meant 90% of normal conservatives wouldn’t even bother joining. I make jokes and so on, but my strong belief is that this is about the ideas, and I don’t think that racial slurs really forward any idea (outside of the narrow context of making a statement about thought-control).

I will probably wait until either Wednesday or next Friday to announce my presence on Twitter. I will wait until there is word on the “adult parental controls” system for those people who will kill themselves if they see someone disagreeing with the government (unless that takes longer than a week, in which case I’ll just go ahead and join).

I’ve waited 7 years, so I can wait a few more days.

I just want to ask everyone: please, for my sake, do not make problems for Elon unnecessarily. If you want to say racial slurs, okay. It’s my understanding that this is allowed (though I think it will limit the spread of your content). But please don’t try to game the system. The media is going to say “Twitter is brimming with hate speech” regardless. That’s not avoidable. But we should make this as easy as possible for Elon in every way possible.

Remember: our sole mission is to protect and defend Ye, who has been anointed as our leader (King). Everything you do should be through the lens of how best to help Ye achieve his glorious mission from God. Elon does not appear to agree with us on these things, but he is an ally in that he is not trying to stop us, and is doing so much to help us. Ye doesn’t care if you say racist stuff against black people, but we should focus our efforts on the world’s foremost problem.

When I’m satisfied that the coast is clear (or next Friday arrives), I will announce my account here, and then our true ministry will begin.