NY Cops Take 34-Year-Old Alligator from Man Who Took Care of Him Since He was 2 Months Old

Oh, come on.

Just let the guy keep his gator.

Niggers are allowed to literally kill people and face no consequences, but gators go to jail simply for existing? It should be the reverse!

New York Post:

An upstate New York man said he’s fighting to get his beloved 750-pound pet alligator back from state agents who seized it from his house in a raid where they treated him like “some kind of drug kingpin.”

Tony Cavallaro told The Post that he’s confident “thousands of supporters” will help him win back 34-year-old alligator Albert who was seized from his Hamburg home by state Department of Environmental Conservation workers last week.

My God, they make me look like a drug lord, like Escobar, that’s what they treated it like,” Cavallaro said in a phone interview.

What reason do they have to go to this extreme?” he told The Post. “They had full body armor two assault shotguns … It looks like a DEA drug bust of some kingpin. They looked like a SWAT team for a terrorist attack.”

Well, I guess an alligator is a dangerous animal.

I’m not saying the gator should have been arrested, but if I was arresting a gator, I would bring a tactical shotgun.

An online petition asking for Albert to be reunited with his owner has drawn over 100,000 signatures, and supporters have begun producing “Free Albert” T-shirts and bumper stickers to spread the word and support Cavallaro’s legal fight.

The DEC showed up at Cavallaro’s home in Hamburg, a suburb about 15 miles south of downtown Buffalo, on March 13 with a warrant alleging he had “allowed members of the public to get into the water to pet the unsecured alligator.”

After taping Albert’s jaws shut, agents loaded the 11-foot-long gator into a van and carted it off to a temporary home with a licensed caretaker – but Cavallaro thinks the DEC were the only ones likely to harm his pet.

My poor alligator, he doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s such a gentle giant, it’s unbelievable,” Cavallaro said. “Who knows what kind of damage they could have done to him.”

Cavallaro said he has owned Albert since the gator was just 2 months old, and after years of showing him in “educational shows” retired the aging beast in a large indoor pen. The luxurious pen came complete with a pond, specialized windows and lighting – which he attached to his house, he said.

You’re just not allowed to do anything in this gay, retarded country anymore.

Unless you’re black, then you can smoke crack and commit murder with no consequences.

We’re reaching the point where crack smoke, looting, and murder will be the only legal activities, and even then, you’ll have to be black to engage in them. I mean, if you’re a white man, and the cops come and arrest your alligator, and you decide to become a crack-smoking looter and murderer, they will just arrest you and throw you in the same cage with your gator.