RFK to Announce Hapa Female Running Mate; Experts Claim People Want to Fuck Her

I’d like to shove my vote into her ballot box, if you catch my meaning.

I actually already knew who this bitch was because she had a short marriage to and high profile divorce from Google Jew Sergei Brin, which made her a lot of money.

The divorce was supposedly because she had sex with Elon Musk.

New York Post:

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is expected to tap California attorney and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his running mate, according to a report.

Shanahan, a Democratic donor who was once married to Google cofounder Sergey Brin, funded Kennedy’s pricey Super Bowl campaign commercial, Mediaite reported Saturday.

The pair “align on numerous issues,” including his condemnation of vaccines, and she can help funnel money into Kennedy’s long-shot bid and get him on ballots in all 50 states, sources close to the campaign told the outlet.

The pick notably keeps New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whom Kennedy said was considering as his Vice President, off the November ballot.

Yeah, I was really bullish on Rodgers getting the nod. That would have been max lol, and I definitely would have endorsed RFK over Donald “finish off the babies, Bibi” Trump.

This hapa bitch is only 40 and has never done anything important, save the marriage to Brin.

You can check her Wiki page. She was a copyright troll lawyer.

But hey, you know. She’s a “woman of color,” and experts have also noted that people want to fuck her.

The concept of women in politics is so ridiculous it’s hard to believe it’s real, but this is apparently how we’re doing things now.

It’s not like Kennedy is going to win anyway, or that anyone thinks that is possible. For him, it’s just some exercise in… whatever.

In real life, it’s an exercise in showing that democracy is a retarded government system, because RFK’s policies likely align much more with the average American than those of Biden or Trump.

I’ve said it: it’s no longer fair to call Trump the anti-war candidate. He’s not only calling for more dead infants in Gaza – while knowing that this is going to escalate to an invasion of Lebanon, after which point no one knows what happens next – he’s also backed off the anti-Ukraine stuff and now wants to give them “loans” instead of “aid” (he’s pretending these are not literally the exact same thing, in reality, given that there is exactly zero chance the “loans” would ever be paid back).

RFK I think is an anti-war candidate. I’ve watched a lot of interviews with him, and he’s even willing to push back on the bi-partisan anti-Sinoism, stating plainly the obvious fact that China is not a military threat to America. That’s something you just don’t hear anyone say other than me, Colonel MacGregor, and Glenn Greenwald.

Kennedy also seems like a genuinely good and honest person, which sort of comes across as surreal. I think Donald Trump really does love America. Or he did (now he just seems very worn out). But he was always sort of sleazy. I don’t mean the stuff with the affairs, although that is maybe indicative of it. Well, basically, I mean the “play” to try to nullify American Jewish opposition to him by being ultra pro-Israel, which he did as soon as he got into office. This is “realpolitik,” supposedly, but actually it isn’t because it didn’t work. Trump did everything for Israel and none of the American Jews pulled back on their attacks against him.

I don’t care about “saving America” anyway, in the sense of trying to preserve this political system. That obviously isn’t possible and anyone who thinks it’s possible is a moron or a liar. The only way to “save America” is for the empire to fall, for the system to fail, like the USSR failed, and for a new system to emerge to replace it.

Until that happens, things can only get worse, and the only question you’re asking is “can we somehow make it get worse slower?”

I think it’s a stupid question.