I’ve Just Looked at a Bunch of Pictures of Dead Children

Previously: Ben Shapiro Goes Ape, Posts Picture of Alleged Burned Baby as Proof of 40 Decapitated Babies

I’ve just gone through Telegram and looked at a bunch of pictures of dead Palestinian children. I’m not going to post them here, because I don’t see what purpose that would serve. I think I’m a reliable source, and if anyone doesn’t believe me, they can go look on these French and Arabic Telegram channels, which are not hard to find.

Here are some tamer videos:

(There are some apparently dead children in that last one, though it’s not too gory.)

Israel is indiscriminately bombing civilians.

Sean Hannity is still trying to do this “beheaded babies” story. People aren’t really into it.

The days of being able to shock people with this sort of outrageous gibberish seem to have ended.

I don’t really think that “pictures of dead babies” are particularly useful in political discourse in the first place, as a general matter. But they became important when an Israeli Jew woman claimed to have witnessed 40 (forty) babies decapitated by Hamas, and then refused to present any evidence for the claim.

The claim was repeated by Joe Biden, who claimed to have seen the pictures.

His staff later walked that back, clarifying that he was lying about having seen the photos, and had simply heard news reports about these decapitated babies.

This is the journalist who made the claim, which was repeated by every news outlet in the world, and by Joe Biden:

On the right there – Nicole Zedek.

Later, Ben Shapiro posted a picture of an alleged charred baby, which didn’t prove anything.

I won’t repost that image, but even though it didn’t prove anything (and even though it shouldn’t be that hard to find a picture of a charred baby, given that some babies surely did die in the bombardment), it now appears to have also been fake.

(I can’t confirm that, by the way, but it seems to check out.)

“40 beheaded babies” is clearly an atrocity hoax, and it is simply nuts that it was repeated by Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, it’s a fact that Israel has already slaughtered hundreds of children, including, I’m quite sure, more than 40 babies, as part of their revenge attack.

And their revenge attack is just getting started.

Israel has “declared war,” and they are saying they are going to kill everyone in Gaza. The Jew president said that “there are no innocents” in Gaza.

Half the population of Gaza – 2 million people – is under 18, at least half of them small children.

Israel is telling them to flee, while refusing to allow Egypt to open up a corridor to allow them to flee.

Israel is also refusing to allow any humanitarian aid. They’ve cut the power and the internet.

Everything points to Israel being in the process of killing literally everyone in Gaza as revenge for a couple thousand of their own people being killed.

It should be noted that the number of Jews Hamas killed is a fraction of the number of Palestinians Jews have slaughtered in the last decade. In a 2-month period in 2014 alone, the Jews killed over 2,000 Palestinians.

I’ll support the Palestinians because I simply have no sympathy for the Jews at all. I’ve dealt with these people, I’ve seen what they are, and I do not have sympathy.

However, even outside of that, the basic reality is that the Palestinians are in the right.

In terms of the initial attack on Israel – did they kill civilians? I assume they probably did. I don’t think they decapitated any babies, but I assume that yes, they did kill civilians. But Israel has, in the last week, drastically surpassed the number of civilians that Hamas killed, and they are saying that they’re just getting started. Again – they’re saying, apparently, that they’re going to kill all 2 million residents of Gaza (probably mostly through disease and starvation, as they continue to blockade humanitarian aid).

I’m sure it’s a shocking thing for the Jews. They’ve lived behind this wall for decades, with the brown people on the other side unable to do anything to them, and all of a sudden, the Palestinians reached out and touched them.

They’re using tactics that no one else in the world could ever get away with (other than I guess the Ukrainians).

They recently ordered everyone to flee Gaza City, then they started bombing people as they were fleeing.

They’re bombing refugee camps.

The protests around the world against these Jews are getting very big.

Of course, we don’t have any footage from France or Germany – both those countries totally banned protests in support of Palestine.

The UK government wants to ban such protests.

In France, it’s probably going to lead to another race war. But whatever. I don’t really care about that.

This may be the time that the tears for the Holocaust finally dry up, and the world starts to see the Jews for what they truly are: a bunch of satanic, blood-drinking monsters, who don’t deserve the sympathy of anyone.

The Jews are going to get what’s coming to them.

They couldn’t get away with this forever.