Kentucky: Clerk Who Refused to Issue Marriage License to Anal Couple Ordered to Pay Another $260K

If women agree with you for whatever reason, they will turn their extreme behavior against your enemies.

It’s a good thing to keep in mind.

The Guardian:

Kim Davis, the former county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses in Kentucky to same-sex couples, must pay a total of $260,104 in fees and expenses to attorneys who represented one couple, according to a federal judge’s ruling.

That is in addition to $100,000 in damages a jury said the former Rowan county clerk should pay the couple who sued.

Attorneys for Davis had argued that the fees and costs sought by the attorneys were excessive, but US district judge David L Bunning disagreed and said Davis must pay since the men prevailed in their lawsuit, the Lexington Herald-Leader of Kentucky reported.

Attorneys for Davis were expected to appeal the ruling.

Davis drew international attention when she was briefly jailed in 2015 over her refusal despite the US supreme court’s legalization of same-sex marriage. She based her refusal on her belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

We all appreciated her principled stand here. No one can deny her that.

Video from 8 years ago

However, logically – that is to say, if she were a man – she would have just resigned, instead of creating this situation for herself. Thinking she could single-handedly prevent anal marriage by refusing to follow federal law was noble, but not realistic.