Lockdowns are Quietly Improving Cities Around the World, Says the World Economic Forum

In April 2020, the Daily Stormer published an article exposing how the lockdown was beginning to be portrayed as something good to fight against climate change.

Now, almost a year later, the media and the global elite are still pushing this talking point. The World Economic Forum published a video on Twitter portraying empty streets, airports, and factories as something good for the planet. They praise the effects of the lockdown, and lament that by late 2020, people were back to driving their cars and using public transport.

The idea that the lockdowns somehow improved the fake “climate change” problem implies that humans living life normally is bad for the planet.

If the city life is so bad, why don’t we just abandon all cities and build lots of small villages copying The Shire all over the world?

Why does the alternative to the current city life have to be living in tiny apartments the size of a disabled parking space and eating bugs?

To benefit the billionaire class?

There should be a global referendum for people to choose between JRR Tolkien’s The Shire and Judge Dredd’s Megacity as their new way of life.