Memetic Monday: The Never-Ending Cycle of Mondays

Holy shit, is it Monday again?

Why does this keep happening?

It’s just an eternal cycle that never ends.


That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Just gotta roll with it.

Here’s my Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And the Runner-Up:

I like that one because it’s drawn by a Jew, but is so very true. You don’t really find that very often. Or… ever. This is probably the first time. I really like that the 2020s guy has a 70s mustache. You all know I’ve been trying to make that happen since forever.

We’ll get it done.


I don’t understand what this means:

If you know the meaning of that, please contact my secretary.



Yonder collection:

And Furthermore…

(I played some Starfield. The game is a mess, bros.)