Multitasking Black Social Activist Going Around Hockey-Checking White Women While Pushing Toddler in Stroller

Hey yo – the new word for “nigger” just dropped.

We’re going with “creep.”

I’m mixed on this one. On the one hand, I think it’s pretty good, because I’m thinking of that time that Trayvon Martin – known to many as “Tray-Tray” or simply “T-Boy” – called the Aryan Death Rider George Zimmerman a “creepy-ass cracka.” Let’s throw it back in their gorilla faces, no?

However, I think for millennials, the word will always be associated with that Radiohead song, which is like the least niggery thing ever. You all remember that Patrice O’Neil video, I trust.

Some whiny white nationalists (whine nationalists) will say that rant is anti-white. But the fact is, it’s no more anti-white than me ranting about niggers is anti-black. Surely, we need this kind of criticism. I remember people flipping out like ten years ago when I was promoting that clip, and I’m like “if this hurts, it’s because you know it’s true.”

Patrice was sort of a genius, actually, and I wish black discourse about whites was all like this. Instead, most of it is nigger-tier retarded nonsense about how we control the police and want to murder them all. It’s like “come on, Tyrone – I’ve got better things to do that go around murdering niggers. Cool it with the unwarranted self-importance.”

Ever since 2015, there has been a kind of “uncanny valley” situation going on with Trump-related art, where you can’t tell if it is deriding him or promoting him. This is a good example. Is the artist pro or anti Trump?

Anyway, now I’m just thinking someone should do an AI version of “Creep” using the George Floyd voice from the arrest video as a source. You know, when he’s saying “mommy, mommy, mommy, ouchie ouchie, mommy, I caint breaf.” Take that and make it sing Radiohead. Then put it on iTunes and claim all of the proceeds go to charities working to obliterate the police.

“Hello all you sweet little boys and spicy little gals out there in radio-land, this is Howling Mike the Nightwolf, and next up we’ve got the late George Floyd singing his hot new cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep.’ It’s a song about a black drug addict who was driving around looking for his mommy and then the cops nabbed him and snuffed him out before his time. You’re gonna wanna pull your sweetheart close for this one, as she’s gonna need you to wipe those tears. Remember, all the sales of this record go to some real socially-aware folks who are trying to liquidate the police.”

New York Post:

A creep pushing a toddler in a stroller has been terrorizing women on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for months – body-checking them into walls and spitting in their faces in the violent, unprovoked attacks.

At least five women have been targeted in the tony neighborhood since June, and as recently as Saturday, by the brute, who remains on the lam.

They include Veronica Poloneitchik, who recalled being shoved to the ground on East 82nd Street and Second Avenue on June 26 – after admiring the man and young child on the street.

Oh, man. This is great.

All these stupid whores who supported the BLM movement are getting hockey-checked by an oppressed melanin man pushing a stroller.

This should be a Wes Craven film.

“As a woman, you always pay attention to babies. I was looking at the baby in the stroller and the guy that was pushing the stroller literally jumped and slammed me into the wall with his hip and shoulder,” she told The Post.

Poloneitchik, who’s lived on the Upper East Side for 13 years, said she yelled after the man and was met with a sinister and “dark smile.”

“I’ve never seen a smile like that, like when someone knows what they’re doing and loving it,” she recalled.

“There’s so much pleasure that you can see in his eyes from doing that, he’s going to do it again.”

Photos snapped by one of the victims and published by East Side Feed, which first reported the story, show the alleged assailant wearing a backwards cap, shorts, T-shirt and pushing a young boy in a black Bravo stroller.

He was described by cops Wednesday as being between 25 to 35 years old, about 5-foot-9, with a dark complexion and slim build.

Oh, yeah, sure, Post. Pretend we don’t all recognize him.

That is very obviously John Legend.

Just for the record, this is far from the first time a Murdoch publication covered up for John Legend.

To be fair to John – you know, I always try to give men a fair shake – he’s got a lot to deal with in his life. You know what I mean.

Chrissy Teagan is a whole lot of woman. Her face is the size of three women’s faces.

Plus, really – doing hockey-checks on random women on the street while pushing a stroller is funny, and good for society.

What are these women doing out on the street in the first place?

Poloneitchik said she was able to flag down a cop car on 80th Street and Third Avenue, and police questioned the man – who feigned ignorance.

He just looked at me and said, ‘Well, she was trying to attack my baby.’ I said, ‘Are you kidding? I’m a woman. I looked at your baby. I smiled. I would never attack your baby. Why would I do this?

He said, ‘No, she was getting too close. She was ready to attack my baby and she was ready to attack me. And I just had to [protect] my baby.’

Police told the pair to go their “separate ways,” Poloneitchik recalled.

Oh, man. She told the police he attacked her and he said “that bitch was gonna attack my baby!”

And the cops were like “alright, alright – break it up.” As they would if two men got in a fight outside a bar.

That’s what you wanted, bitch!

Three other women told The Post they were attacked by the same man in similar fashion on Aug. 14, Aug. 18 and on Friday, including Kelly Kreth, who said he spat in her eye as she walked her dog on East 85th Street and York Avenue.

Kelly Kreth

“I got really scared because he was so close to my head that I thought he was going to hit me in the head,” Kreth said about the disturbing encounter on Aug. 14.

“So I turned around and he was walking slowly away, so I snapped his picture. I saw him spit at another woman and continued to walk down York going south.”

In each of the other two cases, the jerk was wheeling the stroller with the kid in it when he allegedly purposely knocked into a woman.

One of them, a 45-year-old mom who didn’t want to be identified, recalled that he “pushed me, like, pretty hard and knocked me off balance” in the Sept. 8 shove outside her son’s school on East 95th St. and Third Avenue.

Women: you supported BLM. We have the photos. There were more white women in these protests than there were black people.

I’m never going to forget these pictures, where it was always white women out in the front with their signs, screaming.

This face in particular is the face that is imprinted forever in my brain:

Whenever I hear a white bitch whining that she was attacked by a black and the police did nothing, I think of that face and laugh.

Your fried chicken has come home to roost, and I don’t even care a little bit. What’s worse, I support the blacks.

After BLM started, in November of 2020, somewhere between 90 and 100% of NYC residents voted for Joe Biden, who was swearing to intensify the legalization of black violence.

So hey – cry me a river.

I’m thirsty.

The only thing worse than these white women who supported BLM and now are whining that John Legend is hockey-checking them on the street randomly while pushing his little Fili-negro pup are the white men who go out there and say “we have to defend our women from the blacks!”

I don’t like his music at all (and really think it ruined La La Land, though that film had some other problems, in particular Ryan Gosling is about 1,000X+ out of the league of the oompa-loompa looking Jew lead actress), but if I saw John hockey-checking white bitches on the street, I would wait for the cops to show up and claim the women were trying to kill his baby.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. So I am a true friend of the blacks.

The blacks are right about the cops, they’re right about white women, they’re right about Jews.

Friendship with white nationalists ended. John Legend is my best friend now.