Netherlands: Government Censores Black TERF’s Social Media After She Says Mean Things About Trannies

Lydia Daniel, TERF

Women are too stupid to run their own movements. Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) don’t want men in charge of their movement, so they are just getting totally crushed by the men who run the tranny movement.

Being black doesn’t help with organizational ability, nor does it prevent you from being banned.


A women’s rights campaigner in the Netherlands is facing a criminal investigation after being reported to police by a trans-identified male for stating “a woman is an adult human female.” Lydia Daniel, who was first reported to police in May, has now also been censored on social media by the Dutch government for speaking about it.

On May 23, Alexandra Erné, a trans-identified male and trans activist, filed a police report against Daniel after accusing her of making “insulting statements in public.” As part of the report, Erné provided police with a video of a speech Daniel gave at an International Women’s Day event that she shared to her X (formerly Twitter) account.

“I am reporting Lydia, aka Insufferable TERF. The suspect has made insulting statements in public, orally or in writing, about a group of people due to race, religion, or belief,” Erné stated in the report.

The speech Erné reported to police was focused on women’s rights, and included Daniel noting that gender ideology had negatively impacted the ability for women to access private, single-sex spaces, resulting in “no protection against voyeurism and exhibitionism.” Daniel also criticized the Democrats 66 (D66), a social liberal political party in the Netherlands which is promoting gender identity policies and sex self-identification legislation.

In the police report, Erné wrote that Daniel “made discriminatory statements towards transgender women,” continuing: “She said that transgender women were not women, but men. I am a transsexual and feel like a woman and also am a woman even though I was not born with a uterus. The statements Lydia makes in these videos hurt me as a woman and I find them downright discriminatory.”

Erné later uploaded a copy of the police report he filed against Daniel to his social media, which she posted to her own social media with a challenge that authorities “bring it on.” But on September 15, Daniel noticed that her post containing the images of Erné’s police report had been deleted.

In its place, a notice from X read: “Your Tweet has been withheld in Netherlands based on local law(s).”

Daniel told Reduxx that she was not informed what law she had broken, nor was she told which official entity had her post removed. There was also no way to appeal the warning, or otherwise challenge the decision. She has yet to receive any formal communications from police, and has been left in the dark about the status of her case, which is ongoing.

This is not the first time Erné has targeted women who disagree with gender ideology. He has celebrated having two other posts criticizing him censored from social media similar to the way in which Daniel’s was.

Erné is a vocal trans activist who frequently boasts about his legal right to utilize women’s spaces. He gained some notoriety in 2022 after he went public with his human rights claim against a fitness center for refusing him access to the women’s facilities.

Last March, Noordhollands Dagblad sympathetically profiled Erné’s discrimination suit against BigGym in Alkmaar, where he fought to gain access to the women’s locker room after having a sudden realization about his gender identity. Erné claims he first realized he was transgender after taking a prescription drug for bi-polar disorder management which resulted in him developing gynecomastia — or, male breast growth.

Erné describes the side-effects of Depakote as being pleasant, and says he began to encourage further “breast growth” by first taking natural supplements, and soon after, progesterone.

Erné told the media that he decided to ask staff if he could use the women’s locker room on the basis that he was uncomfortable being around naked men, but was denied.

In response, Erné called the BigGym management “old-fashioned, narrow-minded and discriminatory,” then told staff he would be undressing down to “panties” in the men’s room, and would forward any complaints from male patrons to them.

Days later, he sent a follow-up email to BigGym management asserting that he would be using the women’s locker room, and if any staff member attempted to prevent him, he would file a legal claim. BigGym replied that they would not deny him access “as long as appropriate behavior is shown.”

Despite this, he proceeded to make a formal complaint, and at the end of 2021, the Dutch Institute for Human Rights declared that Erné has been discriminated against on the basis of gender identity.

In its judgment, the Dutch Institute for Human Rights set a precedent in which men could self-identify into women’s changing areas.

Disturbingly, Reduxx has now learned that Erné has admitted to having disturbing fetishes involving the sexualization of his transition, his “lesbianism,” and his continued access to women’s spaces.

Reduxx has reviewed a FetLife account confirmed as belonging to Erné where he describes himself as a “submissive, masochist, exhibitionist” and a “polyromantic lesbian.”

He has posted over 100 pictures and several videos to his FetLife profile, which include images of himself wearing a chastity device or bound with ropes.

In addition to the photos and videos, Erné has made several blog entries on FetLife. In some of his blog posts, dating back to August 5, 2016, he jokes about waiting for his wife to “be away from the house” so that he can steal her belongings and use them for his sexual gratification.

Later blog entries by Erné described his excitement at going bra shopping “like a teenage girl” and attempting to “grow breasts” by taking fenugreek and massaging himself.

In July of 2021, Erné announced that his marriage of 23 years would be ending in divorce.

“It has now been 2 years since I realized I was a woman. I am no longer the same person I was. No longer that quiet introvert who didn’t care about appearance. I have actually become very extroverted (exhibitionist?), busy and very vain. I have also become somewhat egocentric because the transition more or less determines my life now… The only thing left to do now is to arrange the divorce properly.”

Erné underwent genital surgery in July of last year, and he recently celebrated the “anniversary” of his surgery with a photo of a genital piercing and claimed that he had “just turned one year old” for the second time.

Upon seeing the images from Erné’s fetish account, Daniel expressed her shock over the Dutch government’s decision to allow him into spaces where women are undressed.

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