Women to Vote in “Pope” Francis’ Anal Synod of Bishops, Priests to Bless Faggots

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The Trad Caths keep writing angry messages saying this isn’t happening.

Is it not happening, or is it happening?

The Guardian:

Women will be allowed to vote for the first time at a meeting of bishops getting under way in Rome on Wednesday, as the Vatican seeks to address some of the church’s thorniest issues in an agenda that has rattled many conservatives.

In an unprecedented move, Pope Francis approved changes to the norms governing the Synod of Bishops in April, paving the way for women to hold 54 of the 365 votes as the church charts out its path for the future.

“For women, this is an extraordinary step forward,” María Lía Zervino, the director of the World Women’s Observatory, told Associated Press. “Not only because of these events in October in Rome, but because the church has found a different way of being church.”

The three-week, closed-door synod will see hundreds of delegates delve into some of the hot-button issues facing the church, from the role of women to priestly celibacy and the blessing of gay couples. The meetings will end with a vote on specific proposals that are then put to the pope for his consideration in the coming years.

Rather than focus on a single topic as is usual, this synod’s agenda will address the broad question of how the Catholic church can be more inclusive. The change is reflected in the voting structure, with lay people also being allowed to vote for the first time.

So they’re being very inclusive in their discussion of how to become more inclusive.

While women are vital to much of the church’s work, from teaching in Catholic schools to staffing Catholic hospitals, the church continues to bar them from becoming priests or accessing the highest ranks of power.

Pope Francis has taken fledgling steps to address this imbalance, appointing several women to high-ranking Vatican positions. In recent weeks, a handful of progressives in the church have voiced hopes that the synod could be instrumental in laying the groundwork for women to eventually become priests.

However the agenda for the synod, which calls for concrete steps to promote women to decision-making roles and the “radical inclusion” of LGBTQ+ Catholics and others who have been marginalised by the church, has also rattled conservative factions.

The conservatives we’ve seen are not rattled, as they believe there will be a divine intervention to prevent this from happening.

If there is a divine intervention, that will be very awesome, of course.

But people need to start asking themselves what they are going to do if there is no divine intervention, and what we are witnessing play out plays out as it seems it obviously will.

Hopefully, no one banking on divine intervention will have a crisis of faith if that doesn’t happen.

The Pope is already condoning anal marriage by refusing to excommunicate the Germans who are doing anal marriage. He is appointing freaks and bringing women as close to becoming deacons and priests as possible, while continuing to claim he’s not going to do that.