Illegal Haitian Migrant Murders Roommates Inside NY Apartment

Kenol Baptiste

This nigga is a freewheeling nigga.

Them roommates was getting on a nigga’s last nerve. He do what he gotta do.

New York Post:

A Haitian migrant allegedly murdered his two roommates in an apartment complex in the Hudson Valley as he was awaiting a federal deportation hearing.

Kenol Baptiste, 30, is accused of stabbing the two men in and around an apartment complex he was staying at in Middletown, NY, on Monday.

Police arrived at the Ruth Court apartments after receiving a call about a stabbing.

Officers discovered one man dead inside a unit while a second man was discovered lying outside on a sidewalk suffering from serious injuries, according to the Times-Herald Record.

The second victim was transported to the nearby Garnet Health Medical Center, where he later succumbed to his injuries during surgery.

A police K-9 team captured Baptiste in a wooded area near the apartment shortly after the stabbings.

Baptiste has been charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, both felonies, and also handed a misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon charge.

No motive behind the killings was immediately released.

The alleged killer and his two victims, who were also from Haiti and spoke Creole, were reportedly acquaintances and had been living together in the apartment for less than a year.

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