Niger Closes Airspace, Gets Ready for Showdown as Ride or Die Niggas Gather for LotR Style Battle

These niggas out here in West Africa ain’t playin’.

Some readers might be wondering why I would immediately support coup governments in West Africa with such extreme passion.

You really shouldn’t be wondering that.

I support all who stand against THE BEAST.

The details are really totally irrelevant to me. That said, the details tend to always back up my own positions. These coup leaders and their supporters in West Africa are sick of weird shit like democracy and gay sex being forced on them by America.

The most egregious shilling I ever saw was on Twitter in 2022 when people were claiming to be right-wing and to also support the Ukraine government. It’s impossible. The details do not matter. You cannot be right-wing and support the global Jewish system, and you cannot say “well, I just support certain parts of the global Jewish system.”

This global situation is totally all or nothing.

That is why it takes me less than one single second to decide that I’m all in with Niger.

As far as I can tell, there is no one in the country supporting the “democracy” leader who was ousted. I think ECOWAS is going to really put itself in a tough position if they actually try to invade Niger. Mali and Burkina Faso already said they are all in, and any attack on Niger is an attack on them.

But the bigger problem is that war in Africa is totally insane, and the organizational structure of African governments is…. loose. If they start a war, ECOWAS countries still siding with democracy are going to be facing attempted coups in their own countries, almost certainly. Whatever generals they send into Niger are liable to turn around in a matter of hours and start marching back towards their own capitals.

Also, the idea of Nigeria in particular trying to do a major war is just absurd. Nigeria is the most powerful country in West Africa, but it is also a powder keg of a bunch of tribal groups forced under a single government, and when the violence starts, the violence is going to escalate.

Needless to say, peace in West Africa is not the norm. If you’re American, you know enough about niggas to know that when niggas start poppin’ off, it’s on, and all sorts of niggas be finna pop off.

Obviously, just as a standard matter, Africans are a lot more likely to support some hardcore stern-faced killer in a military uniform and sunglasses than they are “democracy values of who we are in a rules-based order of human rights.”

It’s so funny, because in 2014, when the coup happened in the Ukraine, I said: “if Russia wants to survive, they’re going to have to start doing the same sort of thing the US does.”

Of course, Russia has nothing to do with any of this. There is no proof of that at all. It’s pure conspiracy theory being spread by Jewish bots on social media. Those Russian flags that these blacks are flying are just like the American flags that were flying at the Maidan – it just means they have shared values.

That’s all.


The military putschists running Niger have refused to relinquish power, as an ultimatum set by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) expired on Sunday. The coup leaders have vowed to rid Niger of colonial influence, reportedly turning to Russia’s Wagner private military company to achieve this.

ECOWAS issued a one-week ultimatum to the military leaders last week, demanding that General Abdourahamane Tchiani and his cabinet of generals step down and reinstate President Mohamed Bazoum. The generals deposed and arrested Bazoum late last month, with Tchiani then cutting off mineral exports to France and threatening to suspend military agreements with his country’s former colonial master.

The ECOWAS ultimatum passed unheeded. “We will all stand and fight as one people,” senior junta official Gen. Mohamed Toumba told a rally of supporters in the Nigerien capital Niamey on Sunday afternoon. “We are asking you to stay mobilized.”

He was literally speaking to the entire country from a gigantic stadium.

There is no group of faggots and pussy-sniffing “students” backing the Analmericans. The only way these democracies were established in Africa in the first place was through bribery and constant military and intelligence interference by the United States and France.

Led by Nigeria, several member states of the ECOWAS bloc have drawn up war plans and are preparing for an invasion. However, lawmakers in Nigeria have pushed President Bola Tinubu to seek a diplomatic solution before sending Nigerian troops across the border.

To be clear, Bola is a fat retard who just took over the country in May.

He did win in an uncontested Western style election. These work in Nigeria, for the time being, because the country is relatively rich compared to their neighbors – and because there has been peace for a bit.

If Nigeria goes to war, there is a 100% chance democracy will break down.

Backing the coup leaders are the governments of Mali and Burkina Faso, both of which seized power amid a wave of anti-French unrest over the last two years. Having ejected French troops – who were engaged in a decade-long counterinsurgent operation – from their territories, both governments have promised to treat any ECOWAS invasion as a declaration of war against them.

These French were occupation troops, keeping the preferred system of government – tribal, military dictatorship – from being in power.

Niger is saying that some superpower is planning to back the invasion, and they’ve now closed their air space completely.


Niger’s coup-imposed government has promised “a vigorous and instantaneous response” to any violation of the country airspace as it braces for a potential military intervention after the deadline, set by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to reinstate President Mohamed Bazoum to power, expired on Sunday.

“Faced with the threat of intervention which is becoming clearer from neighboring countries, Niger’s airspace is closed from this day on Sunday… until further notice,” the military government announced on Sunday night.

The statement warned that “any attempt to violate the airspace” will result in a “vigorous and instantaneous response,” as cited by AFP.

The National Council for the Safeguarding of the Homeland, which assumed power in a military coup last month, claimed that hostile regional forces have already conducted “pre-deployment in preparation for the intervention” in two unnamed countries of Central Africa.

“Any state involved will be considered co-belligerent,” it added.

An invasion of Niger would be a war with the civilian population, which the coup is arming.

You would be looking at a Lord of the Rings style battle.

Overall… this is very good, whatever the outcome.

If ECOWAS/ZOG backs down, then they look bitch-made once again.

If they go all-in, that is actually better, because the entire continent will come unglued, and will become the center crisis of the world, and will prove that the US is totally incapable of being the leader of the world, as the only thing they create is endless war and chaos.