NYC Forcing Pizza Shops to Comply with Draconian Climate Change Mandate

One of the number one things that is changing the weather, causing tornados and earthquakes across the landscape, is delicious pizza.

People don’t think it be like it is, but it do.

The only solution if we want to create a permanent global winter is to make pizza less delicious.

New York Post:

New York City has quietly approved a controversial green plan to require pizzerias and matzah bakeries using decades-old wood- and coal-fired stoves to cut their smoky pollutants by 75%.

Mayor Eric Adams’ Department of Environmental Protection said the fresh edict takes effect April 27, with some city businesses having already coughed up more than $600,000 for new smoke-eating systems in anticipation of the expected mandate.

“You are going after pizza? Glorious New York pizza?” groused Mike Dabin in a recent online comment to the city DEP. “Can’t you go after Diesel Trucks instead of pizza ovens?”

How about going after the kikes who are killing all those babies in Gaza?

Businesses using wood and anthracite stoves can apply for a variance but need evidence to prove they are unable to comply with the mandate.

Pizza lovers and some entrepreneurs went bonkers when The Post first reported on the proposed rule last summer, worried that the dough needed to comply with the measure would put beloved spots out of business — or at least affect the taste of their tomato and mozzarella slices.

Of course it’s going to affect the taste. And put people out of business.

That’s why they’re doing this.

Global warming is a hoax.

But Adams has defended the mandate for the Big Apple, which was recently named the most expensive city to get a slice of pizza in the country.

The scientific evidence is clear that reducing emissions of fine particulate matter will improve the health of New Yorkers and reduce hospital visits and costs, without changing the amazing taste of NYC pizza,” DEP rep Edward Timbers insisted in an emailed statement to The Post on Sunday.

The scientific evidence is clear that you’re a nigger and shut up, faggot.

About 130 Big Apple businesses will be affected by the new rule, the city said.

The DEP received 155 online comments about the plan before it was approved, with most opposing it.

This is an egregious overstep of the state and local government, and puts an unreasonable burden on small businesses that have already endured tremendous hardships over the last 3 years,” said Marc Hellman.

John’s of Bleecker Street — one of the oldest coal-fired pizzerias in the country — spent more than $100,000 to install its smoke-reduction system.

We were told we had no choice. We have no business without our oven,” said manager Joey Schirripa. “We understand the direction the city is going in. We want to be environmentally friendly.”

Schirippa said the business’s infiltration system — which snakes six stories up through the chimney — has not affected the taste of its famed coal-charred pies.

Well, he would claim that.

They seem to be leaning into the claim that this is about clean air rather than global warming, but there are all kinds of clean air measures that can be taken (and most of them already have been).

New York is widely considered to have good air quality, in comparison to other cities of its size.

It’s about global warming, and it’s about hurting small businesses (which is the number one thing global warming is about in the first place).