Venezuelans are Refusing to Leave NYC, Despite Demands They Get on Busses and Go Somewhere Else

Wait, did someone think they were going to leave because they were evicted?

Who? Who thought that?

Why would someone think that?

New York Post:

Less than 2% of adult migrants per day are accepting free plane or bus tickets to leave the Big Apple once they are booted from the city’s overflowing shelter system, newly released data shows.

Of the roughly 1,600 asylum seekers who flock to the city’s East Village intake center each day, an average of just 30 per day have been willing to relocate to another city or state, according to data obtained by Gothamist from the city’s emergency management agency.

In September, Mayor Eric Adams’ administration cut the time that adult migrants can stay at city-run shelters to 30 days, in a bid to free up space in the already overburdened system.

As a result, hundreds of adult migrants have for months been flooding the intake center — located at the former St. Brigid School on East 7th Street.

Once there, the migrants can either re-apply for taxpayer-funded temporary housing, which could see them sent to hotels upstate — or take up the offer of a free one-way bus or plane ticket.

Yeah, all these cities are now just trying to send these people to other cities.

But they want to be in New York, because they’re going to run that bitch.

There are no more Irish or Italian gangs of any relevance, and the blacks have never been able to do organized crime, so the Venezuelans see the city, in the words of Tony Montana, as a “great big pussy just waiting to get fucked.”

I concur with their assessment.

New York is literally run by women. It is literally a great big pussy.

These people are not remotely ready for serious Latin America style organized gangs just taking shit over.

The Venezuelans are going to bring in the El Salvadorian MS-13 guys, and it’s just going to be body parts turning up everywhere. There are already body parts turning up everywhere. There are going to be shootouts with cops where the cops lose and back down.

You’re gonna see some serious shit in New York in the next couple years.

It’s gonna be hilarious.