Weirdos Disrupt Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral with “Free Palestine” Chant

This really feeds into the Zionist narrative that “Palestine is just like BLM.”

I have no idea why Palestine protesters would attack a church on Easter, unless they were Jews or Jews were telling them to do it and they were trying to make the Palestine cause look deranged.

I mean, maybe you could protest a Zionist Evangelical church. But still, not on Easter. That is just sick.

New York Post:

A trio of attention-seeking protesters — one of whom previously glued his feet to the stands at the US Open as part of a climate change stunt — were cuffed and hauled out of St. Patrick’s Cathedral after disrupting Easter Mass with shouts of “free Palestine” on Saturday night, cops say.

Police were called to the iconic Midtown cathedral for complaints about a “disorderly group” just before 9 p.m. The protesters were quickly taken out of the service.

Matthew Menzies, 31, John Rozendaal, 63, and Gregory Schwedock, 35, were taken into custody and charged with disruption of religious service, police told The Post.

Okay, so actually those names do sound Jewish. They’re certainly not American names.

While being escorted out, one yelled “Free Palestine,” a video shared to X shows.

Schwedock, of the Upper East Side, was arrested in September after disrupting the U.S. Open women’s semifinal with activists who used glue to prevent security from ejecting them from Arthur Ashe Stadium after they held up a sign decrying fossil fuels. Their stunt stalled the match for nearly 50 minutes.

Oh. It’s the global warming people.

These are almost certainly paid spook protesters.

The globe-trotting Stuyvesant High School grad has made a career of divisive climate protests, and has documented many of his activities on social media.

Rozendaal, an Inwood resident, was previously arrested in April after spray painting “climate criminal and no new oil” on a window at a Citibank.

The three noisemakers barged into the church following a protest by thousands of pro-Palestinian marchers in Times Square.

At least some of the protesters were with Extinction Rebellion NYC’s Palestinian Solidarity group and carried a flag with an olive tree and the words “SILENCE = DEATH” written across it.

So thousands of people march in Times Square, and three go into a church, and it is the ones who go into the church that make all the headlines.

Very standard.