Obese Black Influencer “Meatball” Charged with 6 Felonies After Livestreaming Mass Looting

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This bitch gone buckwild??

New York Post:

The Philadelphia social media influencer arrested while she livestreamed Tuesday night’s looting mayhem fought back tears as she was charged with six felonies.

Dayjia Blackwell, better known as “Meatball,” shared her firsthand view of the chaos, in which looters targeted several businesses including Apple, Foot Locker and Lululemon, before being caught.

In the videos posted to her Instagram Stories, Blackwell can be heard laughing and cheering on the other looters as she stood by and watched the chaos unfold.

At one point during her stream, Blackwell turned to face her camera and challenged the cops to arrest her.

Tell the police they’re either gonna lock me up tonight, or it’s gonna get lit, it’s gonna be a movie,” she said at one point.

This is what happens when we don’t get justice in this city,” she screamed as she joined a crowd of youngsters in the street.

Blackwell’s video showed hordes of looters rushing into the Apple store and running away with iPhones and tablets.

Free iPhones! Free iPhones,” Blackwell yelled.

Police used the social media posts of Blackwell and other alleged looters to determine their precise location amid the chaos, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

This proves nothing other than the immediate need to ban cash bail.

There is no reason a black mother should have to worry that her daughter will end up in prison simply for livestreaming herself committing serious crimes.

The only reason blacks are doing all this constant crime in the first place is because of slavery hundreds of years ago.