Black SUV Driver Smashes Into With Girlfriend, Slamming Her Into Wall – Death Results

Anastasia Rayborn, 21.

The bitch was on a toll road.

She should have seen this one coming!

New York Post:

A motorist allegedly slammed into his girlfriend on a New Orleans sidewalk, sending her crashing through a wall and killing her, moments after a heated argument, according to police and reports.

Anthony Cooper, 31, is facing second-degree murder charges for allegedly fatally ramming into Anastasia Rayborn, 21, after she got out of his Ford Edge SUV and called him a “f–cking bitch,” reported, citing court documents.

Anthony Cooper, 31.

Cooper is accused of hitting the gas “at a high rate of speed … hitting Ms. Rayborn and slamming her through the wall,” of a house, according to the court docs reported on by the outlet.

Rayborn and Cooper shared a 2-year-old toddler during their relationship, which family said was rife with contention, according to reports.

What a tragic tale.

The thing that is so shocking is that no one could have predicted something like this.