Pope Francis Visiting French City of Marseille to Call for Even More Migrants

What the hell is the Pope’s problem?

Why does he want to turn Europe Moslem?

At the very least, that is really bad for his brand, no?

New York Post:

Pope Francis is visiting the French port city of Marseille, for centuries a multiethnic and multifaith melting pot, to amplify his call for the Mediterranean to be a place of welcome for migrants.

It’s an increasingly lonely voice in Europe, where some countries are turning more and more to border fences, repatriations and talk of a naval blockade to keep a new influx of would-be refugees out.

Francis is presiding over the closing session of a gathering of Mediterranean Catholic bishops, but his two-day visit that begins Friday is aimed at sending a message well beyond the Catholic faithful to Europe, North Africa and beyond.

After a prayer at Marseille’s basilica, Francis holds an interfaith prayer at a monument dedicated to those who have died at sea — a number estimated to top 28,000 since 2014, according to the International Organization of Migration.

Francis, who has long lamented that the Mediterranean has become “the world’s biggest cemetery,” confirmed his visit months ago, but it comes as Italy is once again coping with an increasing number of migrants setting off in flimsy boats from Tunisia.

After the numbers arriving last week on the island of Lampedusa briefly exceeded the resident population of 6,100, Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni resurrected calls for a naval blockade and announced new centers to hold those who don’t qualify for asylum until they can be sent home.

France, for its part, beefed up border patrols at its southern frontier with Italy, a few hours’ drive from Marseille, and increased drone surveillance of the Alps to keep the newcomers from crossing over.

Migrants camping in downtown Marseille

With a European Parliament election looming next year and the far-right challenging the centrist government’s line, French government officials stood firm.

France will not take in migrants from Lampedusa,” French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said this week on national TF1 television.

“It’s not by taking in more people that we’re going to stem a flow that obviously affects our ability to integrate” them into French society, he said.

The visit comes on the eve of the Catholic Church’s annual celebration of migrants and refugees, with this year’s theme noting the internationally recognized right to migrate but also the right to not migrate, and to live at home safely and securely.

If you think it’s really sad that people are dying on boats, okay. We know how to stop the boats. There are a dozen different ways to stop the boats.

Francis in 2016

The first thing would have been to not bomb Gaddafi’s government, though it’s too late for that.

At this point, however, there are people in Libya and the rest of North Africa that we can pay to stop the blacks. We also know their routes and can turn the boats back around. We can also “rescue” the boats and then drop them back off in Africa.

Furthermore, people are already dying on the boats, so if we just shot down a couple of boats, people would stop coming, and the total number of lost lives would be much lower in the end.

Moreover, if Europe stopped providing benefits, they would just stop coming.

We could also make international laws about how banks, states, and corporations are allowed to behave in Africa, which would raise the general quality of life in these places, and cut back on the incentives.

There are all kinds of different things that could be done here that do not involve turning Europe into an absolute shithole.