Post Editorial Board Pushes Indian-on-Indian Massacre

There are good Indians and bad Indians, see?

The good Indians suck off the Jews. The bad Indians want to put America first.

The New York Post Editorial Board writes:

In his bizarre attack on presidential rival Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy just exposed what’s most ailing the Republican Party right now: craven click-bait-y conspiracy-mongering.

Interviewed on Haley’s call for Israel to wipe out Hamas, Ramaswamy claimed, “She is somebody that, like many politicians, in a position to get wealthier from war.”

And he charged that she and other GOP candidates are “ignoring the interests of the US right here at home,” while also focusing on Israel’s suffering while overlooking Azerbaijan’s cruel treatment of ethnic Armenians.

“A lot of it comes down to money, the corrupting influence of super PACs on the process,” he elaborated.

This is a thinly-veiled appeal to antisemitism: His listeners are supposed to hear, Jews are spending their money to win special treatment.

Well, that’s what I’m hearing.

But is it “anti-Semitism”?

Are we not allowed to put our country before Israel? 

And there’s no mistaking it.

Ramaswamy claims his words have been misinterpreted, but that’s become his habit, as Sean Hannity noted in calling out his latest game: “What are the financial corrupting influences that Nikki Haley is taking a position on?” the Fox News host asked.

And: “We’ve got pictures of dead babies decapitated, burned babies’ bodies.” How is Haley out of line to speak out?




Fact is, she’s been rising in the polls, passing Ramaswamy, by winning the GOP debates to date with a steady, sane demeanor — slapping down the rest of the pack every time they reach for easy answers or pat appeals, whether on foreign policy or issues like abortion.

She shows a hard-nosed understanding of the nation as it is — divided but able to reach sensible agreements — and the world as it is: a dangerous place needing America’s involvement and, yes, leadership.

Claiming Nikki Haley has a “sane demeanor” is one of the most insane things anyone could claim.

Vivek went on with ULTIMATE KIKE-SUCKER Sean Hannity to defend himself against these Jewish attacks.

The only thing Vivek said was that Nimrata Randhawa makes money off of war because she’s deeply tied into the defense industry. No one can deny that. It’s a known thing she admits to. She was on the board of Boeing – immediately after leaving government, she took a position on the board of Boeing. Who knows how much funding her campaign has gotten from the arms industry, but I think we can all assume it is a whole lot.

Vivek is making a reasonable point. It is insane that these people in the government are allowed to have all these ties to arms companies – not to mention ties to Israel itself – and then go out there and agitate for war.

A lot of people do not think that is reasonable. Sean Hannity – who is looking very old, by the way – can think that is reasonable, and that’s his choice, but many people do not think that is reasonable.

This Hindu bitch is on tour right now prepping people for Israel to commit war crimes. She says Hamas is going to invade America.

Vivek is right.