Qatar and France Broker Deal with Israel to Get Humanitarian Aid Into Gaza

So the thought was that as things heat up with Yemen and Iran, the Gaza situation would cool off.

We’re starting to see what we thought we would see.


Qatar and France have brokered a deal with Israel and Palestinian Islamist group Hamas to deliver urgent medication to some 45 Israeli hostages held by the group in Gaza in return for humanitarian and medical aid for the most vulnerable civilians.

The two countries said the aid would leave Qatar for Egypt on Wednesday before being taken across the Rafah border crossing.

Qatari foreign ministry spokesperson Majed al-Ansari said in a statement the deal would mean “medicine along with other humanitarian aid is to be delivered to civilians in the Gaza Strip, in the most affected and vulnerable areas, in exchange for delivering medication needed for Israeli captives in Gaza.”

He did not give details on how much aid or what aid would be delivered to civilians.

It probably won’t be much to start with. But it’s the idea of allowing it through a negotiation with both Jews and Hamas in the first place that is a breakthrough and a signal that the game is changing.