RFK Jr. Qualifies to Appear on Presidential Ballot in Utah, NYP Calls Him a Conspiracy Theorist

In a perfect world, Trump would pick RFK as his running mate, and after the election was stolen from them, they would launch an all-out war against the system, calling for states to declare secession.

It’s not a perfect world, however, and there is clearly zero chance of that happening. Instead, Trump is being very kind to “Nikki Haley,” which is one of the most disgusting scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

New York Post:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has collected enough signatures to appear on the 2024 presidential ballot in Utah, election officials say, marking the first state where the independent candidate and prominent anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist has qualified.

Kennedy has met the 1,000-signature requirement needed to qualify for the Utah ballot and can officially file to run as a presidential candidate in the state before a March 5 deadline, state Elections Director Ryan Cowley said.

Utah is the first state where Kennedy’s campaign submitted signatures and qualified for ballot access, campaign spokesperson Stefanie Spear said. She did not indicate which day he would file for candidacy.

A scion of one of the nation’s most famous Democratic dynasties, the longtime environmental lawyer veered from the party last fall and announced his independent bid for the White House.

He is a son of former senator and US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and a nephew of Democratic President John F. Kennedy.

The candidate rose to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic for his embrace of public health conspiracy theories and has a loyal following of people who reject the scientific consensus that vaccines are safe and effective.

In a real election, a Trump/Kennedy ticket would sweep, gaining at least 70% of the vote.

However, we do not have real elections, we have elections where the winner is simply picked by the media. Therefore, the single chance Trump has to “win” is by running as the Israeli candidate and being picked over the flailing current Israeli candidate.