British Airways Flight Attendant Dies Suddenly in Front of Passengers

Sometimes healthy people just die for literally no reason.

It has always happened.

But now it’s really heating up, because of global warming.

New York Post:

A British Airways flight attendant died after he collapsed in front of passengers just as the plane was about to take off from London, according to reports.

The 52-year-old crew member perished as the roughly 13-hour flight from London Heathrow to Hong Kong was near departure on New Year’s Eve, the UK Sun reported.

Travelers were reportedly in their seats and the doors were locked when the flight attendant, who was not identified, crumpled to the floor in the back of the plane.

It was the second time in December that a British Airways worker died.

Another crew member, also 52, was found dead in his hotel room on Dec. 23 in between flights, per the Sun. The flight from Newark to London was called off as a result, the outlet said.

A source told the outlet crews are “frantic,” considering the two crew members apparently didn’t have underlying health problems.

Well, that’s the new normal. It’s because of global warming.