The Ukraine’s New Winning Strategy: Fight Russia in The Sudan

This is brilliant.

Losing the war in your country?

Move it to Sudan.

So smart.

The Guardian:

Ukrainian special forces are reportedly operating in Sudan in support of the country’s army against Russian Wagner mercenaries aligned with the rebel Rapid Support Forces (RSF), according to a video released on Monday.

The Kyiv Post released a short film which it said came from sources within Ukrainian military intelligence, responsible for covert operations, showing a captured Russian prisoner being interrogated alongside two African men.

The Russian soldier says he is from “PMC Wagner” and came into Sudan from Central African Republic, where fighters from the Russian group are based, “to overthrow the local government” with a force of about 100.

The location and content of the video have not been independently verified.

However, it has surfaced following months of speculation that Ukrainian forces are operating in Sudan as part of an emerging campaign by Kyiv to strike at Russian interests far beyond the Ukraine war’s frontlines.

The Ukraine thought they could beat Russia inside of Russia. That didn’t work out so well.

But beating Russia in Sudan?

How easy?