Fallout Miami: SexLaptop Fired by TPUSA After Being Photographed with Notorious Aryan Gamer Nick Fuentes!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2019

Sexlaptop pictured far-right

While the weekend’s “Demand Free Speech” event was itself interesting, the fallout from it is much more interesting.

Sexlaptop, also known as Ashley St. Clair, a famous camgirl and traditional conservative, was fired from Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA after she was photographed with the notorious Aryan Gamer Nick Fuentes at the Miami event.

Sexlaptop pictured fearing the strong

The brave conservative cocksucker Kirk issued a statement on her firing to the integrity-filled Jew journalist Jared Holt of RightWingWatch:

Ashley St. Clair, a pro-Trump social media personality affiliated with the conservative youth organization Turning Point USA, was photographed at a dinner with white nationalist and anti-Semitic content creators over the weekend. When Right Wing Watch inquired TPUSA about the photographs on Monday morning, a TPUSA spokesperson confirmed that staff had been alerted to the photographs and later provided a statement announcing that TPUSA had severed ties with St. Clair.

“TPUSA is a large national organization that touches hundreds of thousands of people all across the nation. Ashley is no longer one of our thousands of volunteer activists and ambassadors. Charlie [Kirk] and TPUSA have repeatedly and publicly denounced white nationalism as abhorrent and un-American and will continue to do so,” the spokesperson said in an emailed statement, adding that St. Clair was not representing TPUSA when she was photographed.

I can understand this cunning decision by the brilliant mastermind Charlie Kirk, because I fired Nick Fuentes from my podcast feed, stopped following him on Twitter, unsubbed from his YouTube Channel and canceled my premium membership after it was revealed that he was creeping all up on my waifu Kathy Zhu.

But actually maybe this is a different situation?

My internet sexual honor had been violated when I disavowed Nick Fuentes. Ashley St. Clair’s internet sexual honor had already been brutally violated when it was revealed a few months ago that her true identity is “sexlaptop,” and that she is a camwhore that only fucks black guys.

And even under her assumed “Ashley St. Clair” identity, Sexlaptop has not been big on sexual honor.

If we’re going to speak of sexual honor, I think it’s fair to say that Sexlaptop doesn’t have any, and is a literal nigger-fucking whore.

So what we have in Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA is an organization that is totally okay with hiring actual camwhores who fuck niggers, but will fire said individuals if they stand near to an Aryan Gamer.

Kathy herself did a stream explaining things, and explaining what total Jew bullshit this whole thing was.

It’s kind of confusing, but she kept my attention – let me tell you that.

An Inside Job?

There is some evidence that this was more devious than the antifa Jared Holt calling up the drooling homosexual retard Charlie Kirk and saying “your friend now friend to bad man who said mean thing about great democracy chosen people.”

It appears that the entire thing may have been a setup by Will Chamberlain, a Jewish Israel-firster who has burrowed under the skin of the MAGA movement like a tick, who is also friends with Jared Holt, even whilst they are ostensibly at the opposite sides of the political spectrum. IT IS PURELY COINCIDENTAL THAT THEY’RE BOTH JEWISH.

Chamberlain, like Holt, has a vendetta against Nick Fuentes. PURELY BY COINCIDENCE.

Immediately after Sexlaptop was fired, Kathy came out defending her and saying literally “TPUSA is trash.”

Then Will Chamberlain jumped in attacking Kathy and saying Nick Fuentes is pure evil and NO ONE should be permitted to stand next to him – ever.

“Genuinely evil.”

You sickening, sickening kikes.

What is “genuinely evil” is killing Christ, flooding my country with third world savages, starting pointless wars with the entire world, mass producing and distributing pornography, promoting anal sex to children, shooting children with the hormones of the opposite sex, creating a TV show about a teenage boy who cuts his penis off and celebrating it. And none of those things were done by Nick Fuentes or any other Aryan Gamer.

Those things were all done by JEWS LIKE YOU, WILL.


Seems to me that stuffing every last one of you demonic rats into gas chambers and fumigating you like the pests that you are would be an act of ULTIMATE JUSTICE.

In the middle of all of this fracas, the Jew Chamberlain tacitly admitted to being in contact with the Jew Holt with regards to this story.

Kathy hit back against the Jew Chamberlain.

As did C.J. Peterson, a Based Black Guy.

So you literally have the conservative dream of a rainbow coalition here – and it’s against conniving Israeli spies pretending to be Republicans.


Now that is what I call BASED.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the retard Charlie Kirk made the decision himself, or if Chamberlain set it up – these people are all shills that no one gives a heck about, and the only reason they have any traction at all is that they have huge amounts of Jewish money behind them to prop them up.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Sexlaptop did nothing wrong. Except for fucking all those niggers and so on, roflmao. But she has a right to hang out with whoever she wants. And everyone has a right to think that American policy should be about defending America, not Israel.

What this entire drama appears to indicate is that it is going to be literally impossible for kikes like Chamberlain to force their Israel First bullshit down the throats of young conservative-minded people.

It just really isn’t working.

You’ve got Will Chamberlain, you’ve got Ol’ One Eye, you’ve got Charlie Kirk, you’ve got Jacob Wohl (who probably isn’t going to be out of prison for very much longer) – everyone hates all of these people.

Yes, Jews. You’ve got the money. Great job with that. You stole everyone’s money and now you have it all and you can use it to push agendas. And you’ve got the ability to censor anyone who questions you.

But as we are seeing, money and censorship are not going to be enough to keep people believing in the ideology of “die for Israel, goyim.”