Poland: Hero Who Disrupted Satanic Jewish Ritual to be Put on Trial for Hurting the Jews’ Feelings

You can’t just go around hurting the feelings of Jews. They’re God’s chosen ones, after all. They are above everyone else, and they are also the most oppressed people ever.

To hurt the feelings of Jews these days, while they are being so brutally oppressed by Palestinian toddlers, is particularly egregious.


The lower house of the Polish parliament, the Sejm, removed the immunity of Confederation MP Grzegorz Braun on Wednesday. The Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office intends to press seven charges against him, related to incidents spanning 2022-2023. Notably, this includes the extinguishing of Hanukkah candles in the Sejm with a fire extinguisher.

The motion to strip the Confederation politician of his immunity was presented during the session by the Warsaw District Prosecutor, Mariusz Dubowski.

Dubowski mentioned that the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office had conducted a preliminary investigation that “sufficiently justifies the suspicion of the commission of a crime by MP Grzegorz Braun.” He also noted that the charges against Braun include property damage, bodily harm, and desecration of religious objects.

He is the coolest guy. Just look at him. He dgaf.

Braun contends that the charges against him contain “clear and obvious insinuations and counterfactual statements, inconsistent with reality or material truth.” He argued that the materials in the motion include “fabricated quotes and confabulations” and that some of the alleged actions did not occur, as can be determined from audio/video recordings.

This nigga literally said “confabulations.” That’s not just a weird artifact of translation. As I suspected before I checked, it’s the same word in Polish.

That is so awesome.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Justice’s press office last week, upon lifting his immunity, prosecutors plan to charge Braun with offenses including: “bodily harm to Łukasz Szumowski” (former Polish health minister), defamation through mass media, “damage to a Christmas tree” and “desecration of a religious object and offending a group of people in the Sejm.”

Wait. That wasn’t a Christmas tree he damaged. It was a satanic Jewish altar.

Interesting that Polish prosecutors equate a menorah to a Christmas tree. Does every religious object from every religion fall under this prohibition on damaging Christmas trees?

Just so you understand, removing immunity from a politician is generally reserved for major crimes, such as murder. The equation of a menorah with a Christmas tree aside, at best Braun committed an act of vandalism. Even that is a stretch, as the powder that comes out of a fire extinguisher can just be wiped off, with no actual damage done.

The Jews are very ridiculous people. If they were strategic at all, they would stop whining so much, and they would shrug something like this off. Even if they were deeply emotionally wounded (personally, I believe Jews are not faking being totally unhinged emotionally), they would put on a strong face and laugh about the fire extinguisher incident. Instead, they go full ultra-kike and demand that a sitting politician, who is very popular, be prosecuted for a symbolic physical comedy bit.

The sheer emotionality of the Jews will be their downfall. They are truly like women, and at this point, they are an obese slut with tattoos, 9 abortions, and a black boyfriend, going around the world and demanding to speak to the manager.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.