Seattle Teacher Tells Students Identifying as Straight is Offensive

First it was “two consenting adults in the privacy of their own bedroom.”

Then it was “bake the cake, bigot.”

Now, obviously, it’s “you have to be gay.”

New York Post:

A Seattle high school teacher has been accused of berating a student for describing himself as “straight” — saying it’s “offensive” because it suggests LGBTQ people must be “crooked.”

The unidentified pupil’s mom filed a formal complaint about Ian Golash, the chair of the social studies department at Chief Sealth International High School.

She claimed that in the beginning of the school year, Golash provided students with a “Social Identity Wheel” worksheet asking them to reflect on various identities — including race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

After her son labeled himself as “straight,” Golash allegedly told the boy the term is “offensive,” she claimed in an email to the teacher and Principal Ray Garcia-Morales sent in September but obtained this week by KTTH.

“It is completely inappropriate to dictate what terms a student can and cannot use to identify themselves with,” she wrote.

Golash denied singling out her son, but confirmed saying he prefers not to use the term “straight” because “it implies that to not be straight is to be ‘crooked,’ which could have a negative connotation.”

The mother further claims Golash told her tenth-grade son he was “a product of the patriarchy” during a discussion about Florida “banning ethnic studies” — likely in reference to the state blocking an Advanced Placement course on African American studies.

She said her son was absent when the class watched a video about the topic, and told the teacher he did not know why the state legislature forwarded the ban.

“I’m told that rather than converse about the topic and provide him with information and an actual answer, he was told that he was a ‘product of the patriarchy that teaches young boys not to care,’” she wrote in another email to the principal and teacher.

Very predictable.

Wonder what this guy is doing with the boys in his class, huh?