Watch: Somali Students Fight African-Americans in Minneapolis High School

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, there was one thing I learned: there are no two groups of people who hate each other more than American blacks and Somalians.

It’s surprising that this violence doesn’t flare up and spill over into the news a lot more often.

New York Post:

Administrators at a Minneapolis area high school canceled classes Friday after a pair of allegedly “race-fueled” fights Thursday between African-American and Somali students that drew in parents and resulted in the arrests of two adults.

CrimeWatchMinneapolis reported that a fight initially broke out between groups of African-American and Somali students at St. Louis Park High School.

The school said in a statement that the first incident, which took place during the latter part of the school day, was broken up by teachers and staff.

“Unfortunately, the situation escalated further at the end of the school day when adults (not SLP employees), who were aware of the earlier altercation, became involved in another physical altercation with some of the students,” the statement said.

Crimewatch said the brawl involved some parents.

Yeah, of course it did.

100% of course.

Abreeha Annalisa Smith, 22, and Latoys Renail Milon, 41, were arrested but later released without being charged, the Daily Mail reported Saturday.

Abreeha Annalisa Smith, 22

Latoys Renail Milon, 41

Milon’s daughter, Sanaiah Milon, said she was punched and kicked to the floor by dozens of students because of “a personal beef,” denying claims the fight was racially-motivated. But school officials are still investigating the incident as possibly race-based.


It’s both personal and race-based. How could a race-based fight not be personal?

The government/media literally wants you to assume that people just attack other races for no reason. Well, blacks actually do that. But in general, people from different races have different behaviors and attitudes, and these differences in behaviors and attitudes create personal problems between individuals.

Then, of course, after that, people side with their group in the conflicts between individuals.

Sanaiah said she’d argued with a Somali classmate months earlier, but thought the issue had been resolved, the outlet reported.

But then she was told she was going to get “jumped,” Sanaiah told KARE11.

“And I got punched. And I got punched again from the other side. Then one student grabbed me by the neck and she tossed me and we were on the floor. And it was just kicks, punches. In my head, it felt like it was going on forever. Like, I was just scared.”

Somalian bitches are hardcore, that’s for sure.

Black bitches are pretty hardcore too, to be frank, and the latter usually has a pretty serious weight advantage on the former.


I’m just thankful to be able to experience multicultural enrichment.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.