A Dream I Had

This was a real dream, typed up immediately after waking, following every remembered detail, and published on the morning of Sunday, July 31, 2022.

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Joe Biden Suicide Bombs Summit Where He was Supposed to be Begging for Oil and War Support

This is a serious, poorly structured 4,000-word essay with a joke title. It's a strategy that's worked for me. I'm personally kind of exhausted by it and wish I could spend another 2 hours on this and make it structured and literary, instead of just an ideas dump. But there are only so many hours in the day and I have to write 10 other articles today because I don't have a writing staff. People say they would keep coming to the site even if I only wrote one or two articles a day, but they actually wouldn't. Most people wouldn't. Yes, these long articles are much more popular than any other article, but not more popular than all the articles combined. People come here every day because it has all the news stories, with funny quips and bits of insight. My lot in life is to just keep doing that, and if I want to write something detailed and long, it necessarily has to be sloppy, because editing a 4,000-word piece takes twice as long as writing it. Some great writers turned in good first drafts, but that was before type writers. Writing with a pen - something I've actually done a whole lot of - is much, much slower than typing, so you have a lot more time to think about the words as you're writing them. I am having a mid-life crisis because I don't really produce masterpieces because of the time factor. I have to spend two hours a day or more reading news, most of which is benign, then I have to process that information with my personal understanding of the universe and distill it into sound bites, which are only sometimes funny and usually poorly written. By the way, please donate crypto. I keep forgetting to ask, because everything is so busy. I also have to do normal everyday things, you know. I'm a real person, not just a typing machine. I have to eat, hang out, socialize, relax, and so on. Just figure out Monero and send me something. I'm really good at selling it high, and it's low now, so in all likelihood, any coins you send today will end up being doubled. I'm sorry I can't accept Bitcoin, but there are security issues. Converting Bitcoin to Monero is easy. I need to write new guides I guess. Writing guides takes so long. Anyway, not whining. I'm very blessed (and cursed) with some kind of uncanny ability to analyze the world, and I love the work. I do love the work. I'm just having a midlife crisis, because if I had 200 hours to spare, I could put together a 60,000-word document that would feel like a legacy. I could be releasing 60,000-word books every month, frankly, if I had a staff. The staff thing didn't work out. My 30 year plan was wrecked by censorship. Again, not whining, just sharing. I am thankful to all of you for always finding my site when the domain changes, even if you don't send crypto. It's an amazing honor to be this censored and somehow still get millions of readers a month. It's been a great honor serving with all of you. Now, I will go play Gloomhaven, and perhaps sleep for a few more hours, or maybe just mix 5-Hour Energy with vodka (it's not something I would recommend, but it is one way to live).

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