Memetic Monday: Please Read My Things

Late. Sorry. But this shit is friggin' funny. Cherry on top of glorious Monday: fresh new energy, peaceful filial piety, actual direct promotion of alcoholism as a healthy lifestyle choice (yo, hello? Self-service department? Can I get a callback to the previous article or do I have to do it myself?), astonishing/overwhelming word count, confounding messianic delusions. Jarring shifts between apparently serious statements and humorous statements, including unclear or potentially ironic self-depreciating humor, without any form of delineation or discernible pattern - fun new style of blurring humor and seriousness that I just thought of 3 hours ago and haven't fully fleshed out (you, my dearest parasocial companion on earth - yes, I am speaking to you, [INSERT YOUR NAME], as an individual, as someone you have a personal relationship with - get to ride along for the process of fleshing out the new style!). You think you know Stormer shock racism humor after a decade of it? Well, hit the refresh button, pal, because during my delusional brain illness state a week and a half ago, I invented 37 new ways to use the word "NIGGER." Guess what? I also invented at least three and maybe four separate ways to justify forced child marriage while making it seem like a joke. How edgy is that?? PLUS: Bombardment with secret messages (widely-celebrated new official Stormer terminology for exciting self-referential humor). Yeah. I'm thinking I'm back.

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