Watch: Texas Store Owner Shoots at Brute Robbers, Ruins Their Day

Just after reading about the boomer shooting the global warmer in Panama, I saw this headline and thought “has the culling begun?”

But no, this is a Vietnamese guy.

Standard Viet pawn shop refugee who isn’t playing a game with these apes.

New York Post:

A Texas store owner is still reeling after getting into a shootout with two would-be robbers.

Tien Tran, 57, recalled the moment two masked, hooded men burst into Cash4Gold in Mesquite last Thursday.

It’s a quick three seconds. No time to think, it’s all reaction,” Tran told FOX 4.

One of the men pulled out a gun, which prompted Tran to take his own handgun out from the back of his pants and open fire, surveillance footage of the incident showed.

Tran fired a warning shot, and the suspect fired three rounds in return before fleeing – leaving bullet holes in the walls and a display case, WFAA reported.

No one was injured, but the shooting also tore a hole in Tran’s golf bag and shattered his sunglasses, which he only noticed the next day at a golf tournament with his teenage son.

“Luckily, it wasn’t me [that was hit],” Tran told FOX 4.

Everything was slow motion to me. I saw the mask, I saw the hoodie, I saw the gun come out,” he recalled of the exchange of fire.

No one has been arrested for the attempted robbery, but police assured the public that they are on the hunt.

The news clip at the top shows the last time this guy was robbed. He’s discharged his weapon three times in the last five years. The number of cops that can say that is probably close to zero.

Needless to say: if this was Vietnam and there were monkeys on the loose terrorizing the people, the cops would be the ones doing the shooting.

American cops now actively avoid violent crime so that they don’t get charged with murder for stopping it.

It’s not really sustainable, actually.

The video is nuts.

Dude looks hardcore walking out into the gun smoke like that.

How the hell are we being out-alpha’d by Asians?


Wtf is wrong with white people?

Some men like to hear the sound of cannonballs roaring