Watch: Netanyahu Calls Gaza Genocide “Second War of Independence”

Was this guy just sitting around thinking of “what is the most outrageous thing I could possibly say in this moment?” in the way I do when I write the Daily Stormer?

This statement is so heinous, confounding, and enraging, that as the CEO of the Daily Stormer (a website that is known for its edginess), I almost feel like I have to have a bit of respect for Bibi.

Frankly – and I know this will upset people, but I have to say it because it’s true – I’ve always had respect for Bibi. He is a “great man of history,” in the objective sense that he looms over the earth.

The things he’s gotten away with are astonishing.

But it can’t go on forever.

The Guardian:

Gaza was plunged into darkness, isolation and violence on Saturday night, its communications with the outside world almost entirely cut, as Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced his country was entering “the second stage” of what was likely to be a long and difficult war against Hamas.

In a televised press conference Netanyahu told Israelis: “We have unanimously approved the widening of the ground invasion … Our objective is singular: to defeat the murderous enemy. We declared ‘never again’, and we reiterate: ‘never again, now’.”

Describing the expanding war as Israel’s “second war of independence Netanyahu continued: “In the initial weeks of the war, we launched massive airstrikes that dealt a severe blow to the enemy.

“We eliminated many terrorists. However, we are only at the beginning. The battle within the Gaza Strip will be difficult and long; this is our second war of independence.”

As 2.3 million Palestinians in the blockaded coastal strip braced themselves for a second night of sharply escalating Israeli military operations, Israel’s defence minister, Yoav Gallant, said that the campaign against the Islamist militant group Hamas would continue until a new order was given.

After the heaviest airstrikes of the war so far, which saw up to 100 Israeli jets pound scores of targets throughout Friday night, Israeli armour and infantry which had entered Gaza under cover of darkness remained fighting in the enclave.

Netanyahu’s comments came hard on the heels of those by Gallant and IDF chief of staff Herzi Halevi both signalling the war was entering a new phase. Halevi, head of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), announced that the objectives of the war against Hamas required a ground operation inside the coastal strip. “IDF ground forces are conducting a significant and complex operation,” he said.

Okay, so – here’s the deal.

Well – “the deal” insofar as I understand it, because media coverage is so limited, and Gazans don’t have electricity to charge they phone or internet with which to upload video.

We can say definitively that this is not the overwhelming ground invasion to clean Hamas out of the tunnels that was promised. That is not happening, and it can’t really happen, unless the US Marines do it, and even then, you’d see heavy American casualties, because Hamas are serious people.

What we appear to be seeing from the Jews is not a “ground invasion,” but rather a “border incursion” where everyone is safe in a tank. These are very different things.

The New York Times admitted over the weekend that the State Department “convinced Bibi” not to do the large ground invasion he promised (it’s not clear what that process entailed, but one would think it means they told Bibi the Marines would not be doing the job).

See: New York Times Announces Israel’s “Ground Invasion” Isn’t Going to be Very Big

Meanwhile, as they are doing a timid border incursion, they are drastically escalating the bombing campaign, which is intended to imply that the border incursion is doing more than it actually is doing. The Jews are not good soldiers, at all. During the Hamas attack it was actually ridiculous how they behaved. This was like “bro, did you not ever play Call of Duty?” type shit.

“Ey yo Jews – don’t ground up behind a car. Definitely do not hide under a table.”

Despite their lack of martial proficiency, however, the Jews are very good at dropping American made bombs, gifted to them by the American taxpayer, on family homes and churches and hospitals where refugees are gathered. I mean, they are really, really good at that.

Jews are not good at Call of Duty, I’m sure. But if there was a video game called “Push Button to Destroy Shelter Full of Huddled, Starving Children,” the Jews would be world champs.

As I said when I published that “I don’t think this is even happening” article about the proposed ground invasion, they have to do some kind of display here for domestic consumption.

But in terms of “wiping out Hamas” – there is no way.

Hamas are in the tunnels, bro. You can’t destroy tunnels with bombs. In fact, the mass bombing just obfuscates the exit points of the tunnel system, as well as removing cover for the Jews. They can’t really get out of their tanks.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.