They are Lining the Entire Country with Disgusting Windmills – They are Filled with Poison Chemicals

People who don’t drive around rural America in a van are forgetting the fact that the entire countryside is being lined with these disgusting windmills that are impossible to dispose of.

They are made of poisonous chemicals. They are very ugly. They have to be removed at some point. But doing so is going to be an absolute nightmare.


Expansion of America’s wind power industry has reportedly raised concerns that the massive turbines dotting the prairies are making it dangerous for US troops to access underground nuclear missile silos during emergencies.

The US Air Force is urging members of Congress to pass legislation requiring two-mile buffer zones around each missile silo, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. With windmills getting larger and being installed closer each year to the nation’s underground silos – hundreds of which are spread across the US, in such states as Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota – it’s becoming more dangerous for helicopter crews to swoop into missile sites when alarms are triggered.

“When you think about a wind turbine, and even fields of wind turbines, they’ll stretch for miles,” Staff Sergeant Chase Rose, a helicopter flight engineer at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, told the AP. “They’re monstrous, and then you have gigantic blades spinning on them as well. Not only is that a physical obstacle, but those turbines, they create hazards like turbulence as well. That can be really dangerous for us to fly into. So, it’s a very complex situation, when you have to deal with those.”

There aren’t that many missile silos. The fact that the windmills are encroaching on them just goes to show how many of them there are.

It’s basically a Holocaust of the natural world.

Tearing them down – which is going to have to happen, because no humans should be forced to look at these monstrosities – is going to be an absolute disaster. People think they’re just made of steel, but they contain huge amounts of rare earth poison and toxic resin glue.

Big Wind’s Dirty Little Secret: Toxic Lakes and Radioactive Waste

Even the mainstream is forced to respond to this issue, while offering nonsense “new coming solutions” to try to get people to stop worrying about it.

The mainstream admits that there is no safe way to dispose of a decommissioned windmill, and that when all of the ones the Biden administration has put up start breaking down at the same time in a few years, there is going to be a crisis.

Almost certainly, the broken ones will just be left standing, because there’s no way to dispose of tens of thousands of these poisonous machines.

These people are talking about cellphone disposal being a problem. Well, compare the size of a cellphone to the size of a windmill.

Cellphones actually can just be disposed of in landfills. It’s not a big deal. But the entire landmass of America is being lined with windmills. There is no landfill big enough. We would have to turn the entire country into a gigantic toxic landfill.

In reality, what we are going to have to do is burn them*. We’re going to have to evacuate towns, because the toxic fumes will spread for miles and probably linger for quite a while, but we have no choice but to burn them to get rid of the poisons.

Just to be clear: coal plants do not produce toxic chemicals, and don’t even produce air pollution anymore. Same for nuclear plants.

The goal of the environmental movement in the West is to destroy the environment, while also making everyone poor.

It just makes you want to snap.


*You see how I’m talking about what we are going to do after the revolution? It is nigh, I believe. The revolution is nigh. Prepare yourself. We’re looking at some serious mass death before this is over, but it will be over.