Thousands of American Cities to Become Ghost Towns Over the Next 80 Years, Researchers Say

Well, this is obviously just propaganda designed to justify mass immigration.

New York Post:

A new study using existing trends from over the past 20 years predicted population decline in thousands of American cities over the next 80 years.

Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago used population projections to find that, by the year 2100, almost half of nearly 30,000 cities in the US will experience a population decline.

The population decline would represent 12%–23% of the population of these cities, the study states. The aftermath of such a decline will bring “unprecedented challenges,” the study explains further.

These cities could face a loss in basic services like transit, clean water, electricity and internet access.

Furthermore, an issue depopulation poses is a “dwindling tax base” that would certainly impact basic city services.

“Simultaneously, increasing population trends in resource-intensive suburban and periurban cities will probably take away access to much needed resources in depopulating areas, further exacerbating their challenges,” the report states.

It went on to say, “Although immigration could play a vital role, resource distribution challenges will persist unless a paradigm shift happens away from growth-based planning alone.”

The study found that urban cities with lower median household income in the Northeast and Midwest would more than likely experience depopulation over time than the West and Southern regions in the US.

Insofar as people are fleeing the rural areas to go live in prison cities because they saw bright lights on the TV screen, normal people should be fleeing the cities and buying up the cheap rural property.

City life in America is not going to get any better than it is right now, short of a collapse of the US government.

It’s very bad right now, and it is going to get a lot worse.

If you haven’t already fled the cities, you need to ask yourself what you’re doing with your life.