Two Years of Brandon: 1.2 Million Migrants Crossed Border Evading Authorities, Report Says

All day, every day. All year, all of these decades.

Brandon recently celebrated his second year as the alleged president of America.

Things are going really great.

We’re really turning this place into a shithole, as we march forward into utopia.

New York Post:

More than 1 million illegal migrants reportedly have evaded authorities while crossing the US border since President Biden has been in the Oval Office.

Customs and Border Protection sources told Fox News border agents have tallied 1.2 million migrants who got away after an illegal crossing since January 2021.

CBP records the number of migrant encounters at the southern border monthly; it doesn’t compile how many migrants are on authorities’ radar but aren’t taken into custody.

Since Biden took office, the flow of migrants has jumped drastically.

December’s tally comes after a record-breaking 2022 fiscal year that notched more than 2.4 million migrants crossing the border. Republicans have sharply criticized Biden’s handling of the border — and introduced articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this month.

If this is the official number, the real number is likely going to be at least 3 times that. Maybe 5 times that. There’s just no way to know, because none of this is tracked and it’s totally illegal to track it.

But you know they’re not going to give the real number.

And seriously: from personal experience, does it feel like it’s only been 1.2 million? I don’t think that is the experience of anyone living in this country, where there is a feeling of a tidal wave of refuse washing over everything.