Watch: 11-Year-Old Brute Grabs Mom’s Gun and Shoots Football Teammates

I don’t know about you guys, but personally, I blame slavery.

To be fair, the only possible explanations for black crime are:

  • Slavery
  • White people doing micro-aggressions against them
  • The fact that police exist at all

In this case, it looks like a clear cut case of slavery being the motive for this attack.

New York Post:

The Florida student who was arrested for allegedly shooting two of his 13-year-old teammates after a fight broke out over food during football practice is only 11 years old — and his mom could face charges for leaving the firearm he used unsecured, cops said.

The alleged baby-faced shooter was slapped with an attempted second-degree murder charge over the Monday night shooting at a sports complex in Apopka, about 20 miles from Orlando, WESH reported.

The youngster, who hasn’t been named, is accused of opening fire on his teammates after food was slapped from his hands during the Pop Warner practice.

The 11-year-old went to his mother’s car, grabbed an unsecured gun and allegedly started firing at the two boys in the parking lot, Apopka Police Chief Mike McKinley said.

The boy was slapped with a single attempted murder charge because McKinley said he didn’t feel it was necessary to “stack charges upon an 11-year-old with no criminal history.”

One of the victims took a bullet to his torso, while the other teen was shot in the arm.

I wonder if he was white if he would have charges “stacked upon” him?

These white supremacists who secretly control America sure do go easy on black people.

White supremacist cops won’t even enforce the law against blacks.

I’m starting to think white supremacists are a bunch of nigger lovers.

Apopka Police Chief Mike McKinley