Victim of Hit-and-Run Dead After Responding Officers Run Over Her Twice

He was just following the police motto: “Protect and Swerve on Bitches.”

New York Post:

A woman who was struck by a speeding hit-and-run driver when she was crossing the street Saturday night, was hit again just moments later — this time by a police officer responding to the accident.

Quiana Brown, 38, was pronounced dead at the scene of the intersection of North Street and North Foster Drive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Quiana Brown

Officers said it was unclear whether she was already dead at the time of the second impact, claiming she was still lying in the road in the dark when the cop hit her.

But a friend who witnessed the accident told WAFB Brown was actually picking up her clothes from the road when she was struck the second time.

When police hit her, it threw her into the air and she landed on the ground, but then he ran over her again,” Lorraine claimed. “Like backed over her.”

Was he blasting AC/DC?

This cop sounds hardcore.

Either that or he’s retarded, because people applying to be cops literally take IQ tests and are rejected if they score too highly.

True, by the way. People think I just make things up, but that is true.

Surveillance footage obtained by local news station WBRZ showed a gray sedan plow through Brown as she was walking to a convenience store Saturday night, apparently sending the woman flying several feet.

The sedan continued to drive away without stopping.

It then cuts to a scene further down the road, where bystanders could be seen gathering.

Brown is not visible from the camera angle, but after a police vehicle drove down the street with its lights flashing the bystanders could be seen reacting in shock.

One man threw his arms up into the air, while a woman turned away from the road and placed her hands on her head.

The incident came just about 10 minutes after the first crash, according to WBRZ.

It sounds to me like a clear-cut case of resisting arrest.

Book ’em, Dan-o.