Watch: High School Brute Beats Her 65-Year-Old Teacher

It’s quite possible that integrating blacks and whites was not the best idea.

A lot of people at the time didn’t think it was a good idea, but schools were forced at gunpoint to allow blacks to mix with the whites.

It’s led to an endless series of tragedies, while no one has been able to explain what the benefits of the project were, or what its purpose was in the first place.

New York Post:

A Missouri high school student is facing criminal charges after a distressing viral video showed her wrestling and repeatedly punching her 65-year-old teacher, leaving her hospitalized.

One clip seen more than 1.3 million times on X by Friday shows the St. Louis educator on the floor desperately trying to protect herself from the student standing over her and pummeling her in the head.

The Normandy High School student continues to punch and slap the teacher even when she rolls on top of her, clenching the educator between her legs as other students gasp in shock at the hallway brawl.

The two continue to wrestle on the floor before some students try to pull the girl off the teacher, who rises to her feet just to fall back down.

A male teacher intervenes, yelling, “Stop! Stop!” as another student leads the screaming girl away.

A second clip shows the girl on her back in the hallway with her wrists restrained, seemingly convulsing, with someone trying to make sure she doesn’t choke.

Students say the brawl started when the teacher confronted the girl for going to her locker to get medication, which was to help with seizures, according to Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg, one of those to share the footage.

Our school system is a mess,” he said.

A lot of schools are a mess.

Of course, it is now against the law to desegregate them, so this is something people just have to live with until the US government collapses.