Watch: Nuevos Americanos Cheer as They Crowd Cargo Train Headed to New Homeland

There’s a lot going on with the war and child trannies, the whole Trump situation with the fake election and the upcoming second fake election. The US threatening some kind of war with China. Russell Brand getting rape-hoaxed.

We tend to maybe forget that the biggest mass human migration ever in history is happening across the southern border of the United States.

I’m someone who is very suspicious of these numbers that we’re being given.

The last official numbers we got were that between September of 2021 and September of 2022, around 3 million crossed. This was the highest ever. Specifically, it was 2.76 million, compared to 1.72 million in 2021.

I believe this is total bullshit. I think it was probably at least twice that, possibly close to 3 times that. If you want to know what I base that on, well, it’s a complicated guesstimate – the first and most important factor being that these government people lie about everything, so you know they’re going to give you a lowball number.

There are independent analysts that put it much higher.

The really big thing is that according to them, this number only includes crossers that made contact with Border Patrol. Obviously, not all of them make contact, and Border Patrol admits they don’t have a clear way of estimating how many cross without making contact. However, during the Trump administration, the best analysts said that only 1 in 10 made contact.

Of course, that number is probably lower, since with Biden in charge, there is an official policy of letting everyone in, which means they don’t have any reason to avoid Border Patrol. But surely, not all of them make contact – particularly those with criminal records likely try to avoid contact (even though it doesn’t appear that any type of background check is being done, and even if it were, that being a convicted murderer or whatever would prevent you from entering the US).

Still, even if we say the number was only 3.5 million – that is adding an additional 1% of the US population. It’s a lot of people. And there is zero explanation as to what the plan for these people is. Right now, the US taxpayer is giving them each $2,200 a month. (It’s good work, if you can get it.)

When I was pulling the link for that $2,200 a month factoid, I found this:

Kinda funny.

Honestly, at this point, with the immigration thing, it’s almost like… it’s so far gone that it’s not even worth talking about. Obviously, the United States borders are going to have to change in the future, if white people are ever going to have a home. There is no way to get rid of 150-200 million immigrants.

And yes, that is what it amounts to, when you include both legals and illegals and their children, going back to 1990ish. There were 250 million people in America when this replacement program really began in earnest, and now there are close to 400 million. Whites do not have a replacement birthrate. Do the math.

Biden has also drastically increased so-called “legal immigration.” The official numbers for that are just over 1 million in 2022, but again, you don’t expect these numbers to be accurate.

New York Post:

Hundreds of migrants were filmed cheering triumphantly as they packed out a cargo train heading toward the US amid record numbers of illegal border crossings.

Footage posted by Fox News on Sunday showed a FerroMex train passing through the central Mexican city of Zacatecas as it made its way northbound on a 750-mile journey to the US.

Each cargo carriage was packed with people cheering, clapping and whistling in apparent triumph — with some even hanging from the sides and waving at the camera.

The footage quickly went viral after being tweeted by Fox News’ Griff Jenkins, who wrote that the migrants were “clearly not heeding the message: ‘do not come.’”

He was referring to Vice President Kamala Harris who told Guatemalan migrants in June: “Do not come. Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our borders.”


I forgot she said that.

Everything is just so darn bizarre.

Since Biden took over, the job of Border Patrol has been to help people into the country. They’re an escort service. Who was she trying to appeal to by claiming the law would be enforced? Apparently, there is some group of people who will believe Kamala Harris over their own lying eyes?

We are all surely reminded of that Neil Diamond song.

Jewish, by the way.

Just in case you were wondering – Neil Diamond is Jewish.