Jews Flip Out After Teacher Fired for Showing Kids Sexualized Anne Frank Comic Book

The global Anne Frank crisis has escalated, yet again.

Oh boy.


A teacher in Texas has been fired after assigning eighth-grade students an illustrated novel adaptation of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ containing sexual content that had not been approved as part of the curriculum by the school district.

The unnamed teacher was removed from the Hamshire-Fannett Independent School District on September 14, according to an initial report by local outlet KDFM. Education officials later notified parents in an email that the content, which they say had not been approved, will no longer be distributed to children.

“The reading of that content will cease immediately,” the email read, according to KDFM. “Your student’s teacher will communicate her apologies to you and your students soon, as she has expressed those apologies to us.”

The original ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ recounts the attempts of the 13-year-old girl and her family to evade detection in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. It is generally considered to be among the most important and historically significant literary reflections on World War II. It was published in 1947 – two years after Frank and sister died in a concentration camp.

From typhus, by the way. She died from typhus.

She was not electrocuted in an electric floor chamber. She wasn’t even made into a lampshade.

Frank’s thoughts on her own sexuality, including her apparent attraction to women, are contained in early iterations of the book but were edited out of subsequent prints. These sections are maintained in the graphic novel and were part of the section assigned to the teacher’s students, KDFM said.

The unedited version of Frank’s diary has been withdrawn from schools in conservative states Texas and Florida amid complaints about its sexual content. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation in 2021 that restricts how certain subjects, including race and gender, can be taught in the classroom. The state has banned more than 400 books from its schools.

Full disclosure: I wrote this graphic novel.

It’s called “Anne’s Juggalo Diary: Smeared Clown Makeup Blowjob Massacre.” It’s about Anne Frank becoming a groupie of the Insane Clown Posse after being advised to do so by Elon Musk. She becomes addicted to meth. That’s the plot. Obviously, she enters into some very strange sexual relationships, and ends up pregnant before committing suicide.

The cover of my book
Art showing Anne’s meeting with Elon Musk, when Elon told her “you can be anything you want, Anne – but personally, I think you should become a groupie for my favorite band, the Insane Clown Posse.”

I think it’s a good book, and I’ve advised it for children as young as 7, even though it is basically literal pornography. (I’ve gotta get paid. I’m certainly not getting paid by this website.)

Anne reaching the end of the line, when she believes she is pregnant, and also is totally addicted to meth

No, I’m just joking, guys. The publisher rejected that.

The real book in question is written by a Jew. He took sexual passages from the diary, which were written by Anne Frank’s father after she died of typhus, and illustrated them.

Ari Folman, the artist who helped to create ‘Anne Frank’s Diary: The Graphic Adaptation’, said in an interview with NBC News he was “devastated” that a teacher had been fired for teaching children about the historical significance of Anne Frank.

This is the real art. (Mine is much better.)

This whole “Anne Frank” thing is really bizarre. I’ll tell ya.

Firstly, it’s been established for decades that the girl, Anne, did not write this diary. Maybe parts of it are based on something she wrote, but the manuscript is largely written in ballpoint pen, which did not exist when she supposedly wrote it.

Some German guy published materials claiming the diary was fake, and Anne’s father sued him. In the process of the investigation, it was proved that a ballpoint pen was used throughout, and then the father disappeared with his bags of cash.

We’ve all probably read the diary. It’s not great, but it’s clearly not written by a 12-year-old, and it’s clearly too dramatic to have been real. It’s just a part of the Holo-fantasy industry. It’s an early version of Schindler’s List.

I think no one should be surprised by a “coffin rider” Jew exploiting his daughter’s death to make big bucks. That’s very common and normal. However, where it gets weird is when the father adds all this sexual stuff about his dead daughter, describing masturbation and lesbianism. The publisher, who presumably knew the whole thing was fake (again, it’s very obvious), edited those parts out so it could be safely sold to elementary schools across the United States.

Then, weirder still: Jews are obsessed with adding these sexual parts back into the book. That’s what this Jew who wrote the “graphic novel” version did. Jews are obsessed with the Holocaust and they are obsessed with sexualizing it.

There is a whole “Nazi porn” industry in Israel, actually. The government has repeatedly banned it, but these Jews keep making it.

Jews are a very strange group of people.

There are some Jews that I like, and you still end up with this weird sexual stuff.

I watched “Maps to the Stars” by David Cronenberg. I like Cronenberg a lot, and I think he has a lot of criticisms of Jews in his films. I was looking forward to a visceral critique of the culture of Hollywood and sort of got one, but it gets way weird.

I expected something stylistically in line with “A History of Violence” and “Eastern Promises,” but this was really something else. I thought about writing a review. Anyway, the short review is that it starts out as a meaningful critique of the vapidity and neurosis of the Hollywood elite, but then the whole thing spins into this bizarre incest fantasy thing that really overshadows anything meaningful in the film. After watching it, I assumed that this incest thing would fit into the themes, but it really doesn’t. I watched it almost a week ago, and he wrecked his own themes with a gross sexual thing (which could have been in the film without taking it over).

Jews are simply very different than normal people. It’s not just immoral banking behavior, or an animosity towards whites and Christianity. They are very deeply troubled people, and the sexual part of it is very obvious and very strange.