Teen Brute Mob Empties Shelves at CVS in DC

I don’t normally support brutes (formerly known as “niggers”), but let’s be real: CVS had this coming.

Is there any experience more unpleasant than entering a CVS? The entire environment is cheap plastic made to look clean, but looking instead very dirty, even though you can smell chemical disinfectants to the point it causes nausea.

Their entire workforce is made up of brutes and nagging old white women who stare at you with disdain as you search for a toothbrush or a white Monster or whatever it is that brought you there. CVS is dehumanizing.

I will never side with CVS. I will always be on Team Brute when it comes to this ongoing conflict between the two forces.

New York Post:

A sticky-fingered mob of shoplifting teens has almost entirely cleaned out a Washington, DC-area CVS outlet — leaving the retailer’s shelves almost bare.

Startling images from inside the chain pharmacy in DC’s Columbia Heights neighborhood show row after row of empty shelves, thanks to about 45 youngsters who have been targeting the store, Fox affiliate WTTG-TV reported.

The Youngsters were Brutes™, formerly known as niggers.

“When you walk into this CVS, you’d think the store is closing because there’s barely anything on the shelves,” WTTG reporter Sierra Fox said.

“In fact, the only items in stock are the ones that are locked up. I did ask an employee what gets stolen the most, and they just laughed and said, ‘Everything,’” she added.

According to store employees, the rowdy mob of minors routinely raid the store for chips, drinks and other items — and claim street vendors also pay the teens to pocket items for the store that they later sell at a profit on the sidewalk.

Is it still Arabs and Pakis doing that in DC?

I can’t say. The media won’t say, because the media doesn’t see race. They just see brutish thugs of a fresh age, or what used to be called “niggers.”

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I don’t care if CVS goes out of business. To be fair, I don’t care if anything happens, and I hope there is a nuclear war and everyone on earth dies. However, the CVS thing is something we can all agree on: Team Brute ftw.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.