Watch: Two-Legged Pit Bulls Cheer as Their Four-Legged Pit Bulls Attack Family Cat


These gosh-darn Democrats and their pit bulls.

What a bunch of jerks.

New York Post:

Authorities are searching for two Philadelphia men who encouraged their dogs to brutally savage a cat named Buddy — shouting “Get him” and “Good boy” as the heinous attack unfolded.

The evil attack was captured on a surveillance camera outside a family’s home in Frankford on Tuesday, the Pennsylvania SPCA said.

The two men could be seen walking by the home with the dogs, which were on leashes, when they suddenly spotted Buddy sitting on the porch.

They intentionally let go of the dogs and started cheering as the animals mauled the screeching cat, authorities said.

At one point, one of the men repeatedly shouted “Get him” and “Good boy” before grabbing hold of the leashes.

Democrats really are no better than their pit bulls.

This is pure socialism, right out of the Democrat playbook.