White House Announces America is a Nation of Stretched Anuses Amid Prolapse Celebrations

America is a nation like no other nation.

America is not based on race or religion, like every other nation.

America is just a bunch of random people from wherever who believe all kinds of things. Some of them are Moslems, some of them worship Satan.

America is a nation of ideas.

That’s what holds us together. That’s what binds us.


Ideas about different types of objects you can ram into a boy’s anus.


Millions of LGBTQ Americans are taking part in this year’s Pride celebrations against a backdrop of increasing attacks, both online and offline.

The rising demonstrations, legal efforts to restrict LGBTQ rights and political rhetoric inflaming national conversations around issues like drag shows and transgender healthcare may be fueling each other, two researchers told Reuters.

Jay Ulfelder, a political and data scientist at Harvard University, has been tracking anti-LGBTQ demonstrations since 2017. The data shows a clear increase in events beginning in 2022, about 30-fold compared to 2017. Right wing protests were almost four times as likely in the last year and half to include anti-LGBTQ narratives than when counting began.

Jen Kuhn of Kaleidoscope, a queer youth organization in Columbus, Ohio, said it felt “surreal” when neo-Nazis showed up at an April fundraiser waving swastikas and a sign reading, “there will be blood.” She said the subsequent support from the local community makes her even more committed to celebrating Pride, albeit with a heightened sense of caution and new security protocols.

For the record, I also think that is surreal. Or maybe “not real.”

I know you can’t just call everyone a fed, but I mean – come on.

Who benefits from that? What does it do other than protect the pederasts by making it appear as though the opposition are a bunch of disgusting freaks?

Do you think there is any homosexual or Jew who doesn’t see that and giggle?

It’s just a very obvious tactic. It’s so obvious that it’s impossible to believe a group of people that size could be organized without realizing how beneficial what they are doing is for child molesters.

All of the normal people (see below) get grouped with people who are almost as offensive as the trannies themselves.

LGBTQ advocacy organization GLAAD has already recorded eight instances of 2023 Pride events that had to modify their plans due to threats of violence by June 1, said spokesperson Angela Dallara. Half of them are in Florida, where event organizers have increased security this year.

At least three people were arrested on Tuesday when violence broke out outside a school district meeting discussing LGBTQ inclusivity in Glendale, California.

Asked about the threat level during Pride month, an FBI spokesperson said the agency urged people to be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activity.

Online, slurs like “groomer” – a trope that LGBTQ people are “child groomers” or pedophiles – have traveled from the fringe into mainstream discourse.

A report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and Human Rights Campaign last year found a 406% surge in “grooming” tweets in the month after the “Don’t Say Gay” bill passed in March 2022. CCDH data covering May 2021 to May 2023 seen by Reuters shows the narrative was rare prior to the bill’s passage.

Isn’t it wild that the media is able to portray this as if it’s always been happening and is perfectly normal?

It’s a campaign of hate to not want naked homosexual men grinding on little kids.

I think the absurdity is obvious to everyone who reads this site, but sometimes you have to take a step back and just note, once again, just how wacky it is that the entire establishment is promoting child molestation as a fundamental social good.

You know who’s not going along with it?


In 2016, many conservatives (notably, Jews from Breitbart and homosexuals from The Gateway Pundit) were trying to push the idea that conservatives were going to protect gays from Islam.

Now you would have to be insane to not say that the reverse is more desirable. I mean, no one really enjoys the presence of large groups of Moslems in our countries, but given the choice, I would rather have Moslems protecting conservatives from gays than conservatives protecting gays from Moslems.

Of course, now the “conservative gays” are saying “oh but those are the bad gays.”

Homosexuality is a cult. It’s not an “orientation.” It is more comparable to an ideology.

All homosexuals are into very young boys, and most of them are predatory.

Every homosexual had some kind of early childhood homosexual experience. That is why homosexuality exists. It’s a communicable mind-virus that is spread to children.

I’m willing to believe that not all homosexuals are child molesters. I actually don’t believe every single one is. But they all know that this is a big part of homosexual culture. Homosexuals supposedly disagreeing with each other is like Jews supposedly disagreeing with each other.

A “good Jew” is one who becomes a Christian (for real, not faking it like many have done throughout history).

A “good homosexual,” insofar as such a thing is possible, would be a homosexual who tries his best to suppress his homosexual urges, repents, and certainly doesn’t publicly admit to the act.

All heterosexual men have negative sexual impulses. We all have thoughts about women and urges. The good heterosexual doesn’t celebrate pornography or have sex with other men’s wives. They suppress these urges.

Obviously, homosexuality is much more extreme and evil than any possible heterosexual act. I’m not trying to equivocate. I’m just saying: all men have sexual urges to do things they shouldn’t do, and there is no reason that in a functioning society, someone who has homosexual urges (because he was molested as a child) should not suppress those urges.

But of course, the worst possible things always happen in America, because it is a Satan Country.