Zelensky Aide Says Castrating Russian POWs is Bad PR


It’s our values in a democracy to castrate prisoners of war.

That’s who we are.

We tape people to posts, we mutilate people’s genitals. We shut down opposition parties and opposition media.

It’s called “democracy” – maybe you’ve heard of it?

These are our values.


Calls for the killing of Russian children or the castration of prisoners of war are absolutely unacceptable and ruin Ukraine’s image as a civilized European country, a senior adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday. Responding to two recent public scandals, Alexey Arestovich called on Ukrainians to respect the Geneva Convention and laws of war.

“We must not go beyond the Geneva Convention, which allows the destruction of the enemy on the battlefield, but does not allow us to mock prisoners of war, and even more so to make calls for revenge on civilians, children, and prisoners of war,” Arestovich said in a video posted on Facebook.

Such calls severely harm Ukraine’s public image, Arestovich added, reminding Ukrainians that they also run afoul of international and domestic laws.

The presidential adviser specifically referenced two on-air outbursts by public figures that have done the rounds over the past week. On Sunday, doctor Gennadiy Druzhenko told the Ukraina 24 TV channel he had ordered his volunteer unit to castrate all male Russian prisoners of war, “because they are cockroaches and not people.”

Druzhenko apologized on Monday, saying he had got carried away by emotion and that neither he nor his colleagues have ever maimed anyone or had any plan to do so.

Earlier this month, Ukraina 24 presenter Fahruddin Sharafmal repeatedly cited a Nazi war criminal to urge his countrymen to “kill at least one Moskal” – a derogatory term for Russians – each and exterminate Russian children so the Russian nation itself would perish.

In a democracy, you have to exterminate the children of people who try to stop child anal.

You have to protect the Aryan race, and true National Socialist values.

It’s called “human rights.”

This is what we’re fighting for.

It’s time to stand with the Ukraine and pray for gay National Socialist Aryan child rimjobs.

If you’re not willing to risk nuclear war in order to help neo-Nazis fight for democracy anus, you’re a traitor to America.

Tape them to a post. Chop their balls off. Kill their children.

That’s our values.

We only have two weeks to stop the spread of heterosexuality.