Zelensky Spiraling Into Abyss

Everyone is sick of this guy.

No one cares about his stupid fake war anymore; they just want him to shut up and stop whining.


The West is increasingly losing patience with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has claimed. The diplomat cited the subdued welcome that the Ukrainian leader recently received on a visit to Romania.

Speaking at a meeting with Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov and Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, Lavrov argued that “everyone is fed up” with Zelensky, the Russia 1 TV channel reported on Sunday.

According to the broadcaster, the diplomat quoted Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca, who directed an angry tirade at the Ukrainian president ahead of his visit to Bucharest last week.

Sosoaca called on Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to prevent Zelensky, whom she described as an “arrogant and unconscionable traitor, including to his own country,” from addressing the Romanian parliament. The politician further warned of “bad” consequences should she “catch” the Ukrainian president at the parliament building.

“We are going to war for Zelensky’s grain! March out of our country, godless man! If you think we will sit idly by, you are wrong!” Sosoaca stated.

According to Romanian media, the Ukrainian leader’s planned speech to parliament was canceled during his visit last Tuesday. Speaking at a press conference alongside Johannis, Zelensky insisted that he had never intended to make an address.

The opinion of Kiev in Romania has been adversely affected by the recent inflow of cheap Ukrainian grain into the country, coupled with what some see as discriminatory treatment toward the Romanian ethnic minority in Ukraine.


He can’t even convince women anymore.

If you can’t convince that big bitch Sosoaca, you can’t convince anyone.

Nah, she’s okay.

The point is: he can’t convince anyone.

Everyone is sick of this.

He told the world he was going to launch a war against Russia and destroy them, and that did not happen. In fact, the opposite happened. Instead of taking responsibility, he’s blaming the whole world for his own failings.

“Me? Nothing is my fault. Someone else is always responsible.”

No one likes this.

The hunt for the exit strategy has begun.