AI to Take a Lot of Jobs in the Next Five Years, Staffing Company Survey Says

Humans are so bad at doing jobs, replacing them with AI is going to be a very good thing.

I just wish we could cut welfare benefits, so the people who lose their jobs will all starve to death.

Instead, robots will have to pay taxes to feed this useless scum.


Artificial intelligence will lead to many companies employing fewer people in the next five years, staffing provider Adecco Group said on Friday, in a new survey highlighting the upheaval AI will bring to the workplace.

Some 41% of senior executives expect to have smaller workforces because of AI technology, Adecco said in a report based on a survey of executives at 2,000 large companies worldwide.

Generative AI, which can create text, photos and videos in response to open-ended prompts, has spurred both hope it could eliminate repetitive tasks and fear it will make some jobs obsolete.

Tech companies, including global giants Google and Microsoft, have embarked on a wave of layoffs in recent months as they shift their focus to systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s chatbot Gemini.

The Adecco survey is one of the largest into the AI topic, and follows a 2023 World Economic Forum study which said 25% of companies expected AI to trigger job losses, while 50% expected the technology to create new roles.

But while most senior executives surveyed by Adecco say AI is a game changer, the vast majority say they have not made enough progress in adopting the technology.

These people are going to keep whining.

Of course, the media people should be the first to lose their jobs, and then the AI will write these stories and talk about how great it is that lazy and incompetent humans are finally being pushed out of the workplace.