Arestovich Lives in the US and Continues to Criticize the Zelensky Regime

I’m pretty sure Arestovich is a much bigger target than Coach Red Pill.

He managed to get out of the country, he’s living in the US, and no one is going to deport him to the Ukraine.

Yes, you can have big problems in the US. The US has political prisoners who live in bad conditions. But it’s nowhere near as extreme as in the Ukraine. Yet.

The goal is to make the US look like the Ukraine in terms of the level of political freedom and every aspect of your life and your thoughts being dominated by Jewish overlords who do brutal violence against you.


Ukraine had the chance to make peace at the 2022 Istanbul talks but something or someone changed President Vladimir Zelensky’s mind, according to an interview with his former aide, Aleksey Arestovich, published on Monday.

Freddie Sayers, the editor in chief of the British outlet UnHerd, interviewed Arestovich almost a year after Ukraine’s top spin doctor left Zelensky’s service. He has since moved to the US, saying that Kiev wants him arrested on politically trumped-up charges.

“I was a member of the Istanbul process, and it was the most profitable agreement we could have done,” Arestovich told Sayers. The Ukrainian delegation “opened the champagne bottle” when they came back to Kiev, believing the agreement was a done deal, he added.

The protocols were “90% prepared” for a direct meeting between Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Arestovich, when Ukrainian president called off the talks.

His rejection of a deal has been widely attributed to the ‘Bucha massacre’, which Ukraine accused Russia of, but Arestovich said he did not know that for a fact. Something “absolutely” changed Zelensky’s mind and “historians will have to find an answer to what happened,” Arestovich said.

“A lot of people say it was the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who came to Kiev and put a stop to this negotiation with Russia. I don’t know exactly if that is true or false. He came to Kiev, but nobody knows what they spoke about except, I think, Zelensky and Boris Johnson himself,” he told UnHerd.

Well. The timing is too much to be a coincidence. Zelensky had publicly stated he was going to do the Istanbul deal, then Johnson flies in and he declares a forever war.

Johnson basically admitted it last week, when he finally addressed it for the first time.

It’s totally insane that Zelensky’s literal number one guy through the entire first half of the year has all the same talking points as me on this issue and no one knows it.

The US media machine is well-oiled.

I like Arestovich and would hang out with him.

He says hilarious true shit and then just looks at the interviewer. Sometimes he asks if they heard what he just said.

I wish he would go on Cum Town.

Oh yeah…