Palestinians Have a “Right of Resistance,” George Washington University’s Medical School Says

So, according to official numbers, which is admitted by everyone to be extreme low-ball estimates, Israel has killed about 15 times as many people as Hamas killed on their October 7 raid. It could honestly be 2-3 times that many.

But they keep saying we need to be really concerned about the Hamas attack, and to say that the Hamas attack, two months ago, justifies all these Jewish deaths.

We’ve explained it before, but the Hamas attack was justified. Their land is occupied, their people are in prison, they are getting killed constantly. They do have a right to resist. Israel makes this big deal of “oh but they killed civilians,” but Israel has always kill civilians, and in the last two months they’ve killed thousands.

(Also, Israel let the attack happen on purpose, we’ve now confirmed as an absolute fact via insider trading data. But I guess you guys know all this.)

New York Post:

George Washington University’s medical school hosted a faculty panel last week that declared Hamas terrorists have a “right of resistance” against Israel, according to video footage exclusively obtained by The Post.

The Dec. 4 discussion was titled “Understanding the Conflict in Israel and Palestine” and was sponsored by the School of Medicine and Health Sciences’ Anti-Racism Coalition and the Institute for Middle East Studies.

Panelists referred to the Jewish state’s military operation in the Gaza Strip as “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide,” while failing to discuss atrocities Hamas committed in its Oct. 7 attack against southern Israel, its designation as a foreign terrorist organization or that it is still holding more than 100 Israeli and US civilians hostage.

Why should they discuss people killing the Jews?

The Jews stole the land, and forced the people into concentration camps.

What are the Palestinians supposed to do?

Just die?

Israel rightly can claim self-defense, but I also want to note here that Hamas and the Palestinians also have a right of resistance,” Michael Barnett, a professor of international affairs and political science, said during the panel.

Oh so actually they did mention Israel self-defending.


I don’t think Israel has a right to self-defense. Maybe there is an argument for 1968 borders. But after the 1968 expansion, what right do they have? Who gave them the right?

Nb4 “anyone has a right to do anything” – yes, true enough, but the only way Israel is able to do this is via control of the US government, which is just a scam.

Most Americans aren’t even aware that Jews control the US government and did not sign up for this.

All of us have been shaken by the events of Oct. 7,” added Shira Robinson, a professor of history and international affairs. “But we all recognize that those events have a history.

At least one GWU panelist affirmed the Jewish state’s right to self-defense, but several went on to characterize the Israel Defense Forces’ actions as part of a larger “colonial” project to ultimately eliminate the civilian population in Gaza.

Israel launched an unprecedented carpet bombing campaign in the strip that for the past eight weeks, we now know, has deliberately targeted and continues to deliberately target high-rise residential buildings, bakeries, schools, universities, and UN shelters,” Robinson said during the panel.

Several concerned students and faculty tried to ask questions about the panel’s presentation but were ignored — with some also berated by anonymous users in the chat box during the Zoom meeting.

Jewish students at the medical school were particularly appalled by the panel discussion and told The Post that it had only contributed to the spread of antisemitism on campus that has exploded in the wake of Hamas’ terror attack.

Then go to Israel.

We don’t want you here.

You weren’t invited, and we want you to leave.

Diversity and Inclusion Dean Yolanda Haywood apologized to the medical school community after the panel, but her statement on the fallout from the discussion neither mentioned Jewish students nor denounced antisemitism.

The primary goal was to offer an experience that would result in thoughtful reflection and be a stimulus for broader, open communication,” Haywood’s statement read. “As the webinar proceeded, it became clear that this program was not a balanced presentation on this most divisive and difficult subject.”

George Washington University has the fourth-largest Jewish student population of any private university in the US — but still registers a high rate of antisemitism and anti-Israel hostility on campus, a 2016 report from Brandeis University found.

At least 17 antisemitic incidents have occurred on campus this year, according to the AMCHA Initiative, including recent defenses of Hamas’ terrorism by the school’s Students for Justice in Palestine chapter.

In late October, students projected antisemitic and pro-Hamas messages onto the side of a library building, including “Glory to our martyrs” and “Free Palestine from the river to the sea,” which is widely understood as a call for the eradication of Israel.

When they say “antisemitic incidents,” they mean “someone said something mean and a Jew whined about it.”

There isn’t any violence.


It’s sort of impossible that there isn’t going to be violence at some point, and once it starts, it’s going to get worse.